Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am sick of ignorant, naive people. 

I am sick of people who think I am a bad person because I voted for Obama (maybe they are bitter because he won). I hate it that people just assume that I am ALL for gay marriage, abortion, and no military action because I voted Democratic. Do not ever assume that just because I voted Democrat that I am, in fact, extremely liberal. Do not ever assume that I agree 100% with the Democratic Party policies. Do you agree 100% with the Republicans? If you do then you are unique.

I had someone ask me once if I was in favor of abortion. How am I supposed to answer that? Its more complicated then people think. It is not black and white. So, I proceeded to ask this person where they stood. This person answered and said that and they are "100% against abortion". I was shocked. 100%?! In order to test his faithfulness to his stance I came up with a scenario for him:

Your wife, the love of your life, is pregnant with your first child. The pregnancy is going just fine for the first few months. One day you receive a call from your Dr. and he has news for you concerning your wife and unborn child. He tells you that the baby is not developing properly and if it is not aborted then the baby will die and so will your wife. 

So what do you do? Since you are 100% against abortion then I guess your wife will have to die. Not only will you lose the unborn baby but you will lose the love of your life. What do you do?

I know this is an extreme case but it gets the point across.

As a woman, I believe I have the right to state my opinion on this matter.

I believe that in extreme, special cases abortion can be considered:
(1) Incest rape
- It is likely that the child will not make it to birth in this situation. If the woman's body feels that there is too much wrong with the child then the body will abort the baby by natural means (miscarriage*) or the child will be stillborn. 

*I am not here to say that miscarriage is a good thing and that it is not a hard thing to go through. Evolutionary speaking, if the mothers body feels there is too much wrong with the fetus there is a chance the body will abort the child by natural means.

(2) Mental or physical damage to the mother
- This is where it gets tricky. If a woman is impregnated (by rape or failure to use protection) and she is able to carry the child without mental or physical damage to herself I believe that she should carry the child to full term. We are here to do Gods will and if it is Gods will that that child should come into this world and the woman is able to carry the child then she should. There are hundreds and thousands of people dying to adopt. This child will come into the world and will be given to a family that will love and take care of this child. Are you going to deny this child the potential for a good life? 

Abortion should not be completely legal; however, it should not be completely illegal. It is a sensitive and unique subject and ever case is unique and it should be handled as such.

**I've also been asked what the churches stance on abortion is. Go here and look under the Additional Information and the Church Magazines Articles tabs.


Larry said...

Hey Courtney,

Thanks for your thoughts. You have it right on about political affiliation and abortion. I am a republican, but then I agree with some democratic principles as well. Really I wish I did not have to affiliate with a party.

Ani said...

Hey! I am glad you left a comment! Looks like you are doing well! I like the blog!

Jessica Kolb Munk said...

Amen; well said!

Sy said...

There is actually an article in the Ensign, (someone in the last few months) about abortion. And in it, the author addresses the circumstances in which the church feels that abortion is an appropriate course of action.

And you're right, there are very few things in this world that are 100% one way or the other. People are complicated and so issues that deal with our most important and basic needs are also complicated. But ultimately that is what makes it so great.

The Blogsmith said...

pfff, liberal.

Tiersha said...

I am against abortion...only for selfish reasons though. My doctor just talked to me about this. There are circumstances that happen that abortions are necessary for. I agree with those. If I am pregnant and my life is in jeopardy, I will most likely, make the difficult choice to abort the baby. Not that I want too, but there is a system of hierarchy when it comes to the mother and unborn child. Even though I voted Republican, I still agree with your blog.