Wednesday, August 24, 2016

4th of July, Summer Time, My Birthday and Dodgers Game!

4th of July Trip:

Josh and I made a very quick trip to Ohio so that Josh could meet his new nephew and we could spend the 4th of July with my family.

We left Saturday after Josh got off of work, swung by Indiana to pick up our favorite pies, and then made it to Ohio in time for dinner.

[Baby Cole and Josh]

[Ryan helping Brady with a fire cracker]

[Brady and his BFF (who lives next door to my parents)]

It was a quick trip and was well worth it to spend time with the family!

Summer Time:

I have a Magic Bullet and I've been making shakes every morning. I decided it was time for an upgrade so I bought a Nutribullet. The cup is so much bigger so I've been able to add more and more veggie to my shake. YUM!


[My love is real]

[Finally got a picture of the little piggy that likes to roam free at the campground! He's not alone though. We also have a friendly rabbit that likes to hang out with a black cat. They are super friendly and like to come say "hi" to me when I leave the Raptor in the morning. I swear we are not white trash!]

[We've had a few SUPER hot days this summer!]

[Everyone's been obsessed with this Pokemon Go game and it's taken me back to my old High School days when I collected the cards. Gotta catch 'em all!]

[I need this!]


My birthday week was pretty great! On my actual birthday I got up at 6:30 and went to the gym. After working up a sweat I came home and tried on some of the clothes that I bought myself while reading all the great Facebook post and text messages I got from my loved ones!

I made dinner and then Josh came home from work with these beautiful flowers and some cupcakes! We ate dinner and then I opened all my presents!

Thanks so much to everyone who called, text, and sent messages via Facebook! And a special thanks to my family members for the gifts! You all know me so well!

On Saturday Josh and I went to The Lone Buffalo for dinner. We got these amazing pretzel appetizers, a buffalo burger, pulled pork pizza, and peach cobbler! Everything was amazing! 

Thanks for the SPECTACULAR birthday week!

Another Quick Trip to Ohio:

My parents called and invited me to come to Ohio so we could go to a Reds vs Dodgers game on Monday (August 22nd). How could I resist?

[Making funny faces with baby Cole]

[Such a cutie!]

[Dane showing off!]

[Missy made a French Silk pie! YUM!]

On Monday my parents and I went to the best baseball game EVER! We had great seats, the Dodgers hit 7 home runs, and we got dollar hot dogs! Woot! 

So how's your summer been?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Father's Day in Ohio

I left for Ohio on June 16th. On my way there I stopped at Marilyn's Bakery in Indiana. They have the BEST pies and my dad had requested that I pick some up.


I arrived at my parents house, unpacked, and then went to the fridge to get a drink. When I opened the fridge I saw this:

My mom only uses this old orange container for one thing: My Grandma Stringam's Homemade Cookie Dough!

I got out a spoon and went to town! I also sent a picture to my little brother, Luke, to taunt him :-)

I was so excited to see baby Cole again! Last time he was just a newborn (and kinda boring) and he has grown so much!

My parents have this awesome bike trail that is only a mile from their house. It is built over an old railroad track so it is pretty flat and very shaded. We went on numerous bike rides while I was there visiting. It was so much fun and such a great way to get in a little cardio!

One day we went on a ride and there was a crazy triathlon going on. We saw people riding bikes, doing different challenges, running through town, and floating down the river! Looks like fun!

I went on a bike ride by myself one day. I wanted to ride from my parents house to Loveland but I got there in under 30 minutes so I decided to go on. I made it all the way to Milford (15 miles) in just over an hour. It was a great ride!

On my way back I stopped in Loveland and got some Hawaiian shave ice! I know it's cheating BUT (according to my Fitbit) I ended up burning over 1900 calories on my 30 mile ride. So I earned it!

I loved hanging out with my family and it's really cute to see my dad playing with his grandkids.

[Brady and dad playing legos]

[Dane and dad playing "there's a quarter in your ear!"]

One day Ryan, Brady and Dane joined me and my parents at a family fun center! We played mini golf and video games!

[Every time Dane would hit the ball in the hole he would throw up his hands and yell, "I did it!"]

We tried to find fun games for the boys but I think they were a little small for most of them. They struggled on the skee-ball but it was funny to watch them try!

[My dad's face says it all! :-D]

[Everyone helping!]

For Fathers Day we decided to go to downtown Cincinnati and have a picnic with some good ole fried chicken from The Eagle.

 [My parents talking to Luke and Andie. Wish they could have been there with us but Utah is a little far.]

[Picnic at the park]

[My dad and brother, Ryan]

[Papa and his grandkids]

[Ryan, Papa, and the boys]

[Grandma and baby Cole!]

After lunch we went to the carousel. The boys loved it!

[Of course my mom would choose the cheetah!]

[I think baby Cole had fun :-)]

[Dane and Ryan]


For Father's Day we got my dad a knife set with a travel bag. My dad wanted it while my parents were in Europe, so we bought it early and I took it to them when I went to Portugal. 

While I was in Spain with my parents I found out that my dad really likes Don Quixote. We found this cute statue of Don Quixote in Toledo and these windmills on the road home from Madrid. I took these photos and put them in a frame for my dad along with a copy of Picasso's drawing. It was a big hit!

On June 22nd there was a huge storm that hit Chicago. I was on the phone with Josh during most of it. I was super scared because there were multiple tornados spotted near where he and the Raptor were.

While I was watching the news on my phone a touchdown was confirmed just a few miles from Josh! I was so scared! Luckily, he was fine. Phew!

But then we realized that the storm was heading towards Ohio and it was going to hit Cincinnati in a few hours. I wasn't as scared since my parents have a basement, but I never thought I would be so worried about the same storm twice in one night!

On my last night in town my mom, dad and I went to a Reds game. Since the Reds are terrible, we were able to get super great and cheap seats! While we were driving to the game and walking to the stadium it was pouring rain! We went to a local restaurant and had dinner and by the time the game started the rain was gone!

Of course, the Reds lost, but the game was a lot of fun!