Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trip to Balboa Island - Part II: Family Reunion

On Thursday, May 25th, my parents, Ryan and Missy and their three boys, joined me at the Balboa House. We had a super busy week which consisted of going to Newport beach (we saw Dennis Rodman on the ferry!),

attending my cousin Patrice's wedding,

eating local strawberries and cherries,

attending the Neilson Family Reunion,

attending my friend Jen's funeral,

going on walks around the island (mostly to get Balboa bars and doughnuts),

my mom and Missy throwing me a Star Wars baby shower,

going on a Duffy Boat ride around the harbor (complete with Sprinkles cupcakes and sandwiches), 

attending an Angels game, 

spending time at Corona Beach, 

seeing my Papa and Nana Neilson,

going to the Rainbow store to get baby Carlson and I some sandals (the $2 is from Papa Neilson),

and spending time together as a family!

What made the trip even better was the fact that Josh was able to fly out for a few days so he could attend the wedding and the family reunion. Even though he was only able to come for a few days it was still fun to be in CA together (since we haven't done that since our wedding!).

Overall the trip was a ton of fun! It was so great to see so many of my Neilson cousins and to spend my last kid-free vacation in CA. We missed Luke and Andie, of course, but understand why they couldn't come.

However, all of us will be in Ohio for Christmas this year! It's going to be so much fun!