Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Following the Path of the Ancient Ones: Part V

We woke up early on July 5th and left Chaco Canyon. Like the rest of the places we visited, I was sad to go. Chaco is so special and so amazing and I urge everyone to go and experience it.

We left Chaco and headed to Utah... no wait, Arizona... um, back to Colorado? 

Ok! All of the above!

We visited the Four Corners!

[Josh and I in the four states]

[Me in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado at the same time!]

We left the Four Corners and headed into Arizona towards our final destination: Monument Valley.

It was a long drive so I took pictures from the car.

[Comb Ridge]

[Agathla Peak] 

We found Kayenta, Arizona and from there we headed north towards Utah. 

We reached Monument Valley just as a large storm was coming in. It was a little windy and cold so we didn't get to explore the area like we would have liked to BUT we still managed to get some great pictures.

From Monument Valley we drove back to Kayenta and headed to Page so that Josh could see Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam, and no, we did not go on the Dam Tour ; )

We then headed to Kanab, Utah. From here it was a short few hours back to Cedar City.

We traveled almost 1600 miles, through four states, and saw some of the most amazing archaeological sites and geological features on the planet (in my humble opinion). This was one of the best vacations I have ever been on!

A special thanks to Josh for having so much patience and putting up with me and my crazy archaeological obsession. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Following the Path of the Ancient Ones: Part IV


We left Bloomfield, New Mexico early on the morning of July 4th and headed south towards Chaco Culture National Historic Park!

This was it! This was the moment I have been waiting for for such a long time!

We got to the park and headed to the visitor center. I headed to the first Ranger that I saw and asked if I could see the famous Chocolate Jars. I was informed that the jars were not there, but were likely at the Smithsonian in DC. Bummer. Oh well. I didn't let that news get me down too much. I still had my Chaco T-Shaped Doors to find!

Josh and I left the visitor center and headed out into the park.

We explored six different pueblos during our journey:

Hungo Pavi - Chacoan Great House (1000-1250s AD)

[Look at those walls!]

Chetro Ketl - Chacoan Great House (950-1250s AD)

[Me giving Josh a tour]

[Great Kiva]

Casa Rinconada - Chacoan Great Kiva (1075-1250s AD)

[Kiva on top of Kiva on top of Kiva]

[Largest Great Kiva known]

Una Vida - Chacoan Great House (850-1250s AD)

Pueblo Bonito - Chacoan Great House (850-1250s AD)

[Great Kiva]

[Three stories!]

[Solar Window]

[I finally found my Chacoan T-Shaped Door!]

[Pueblo Del Arroyo]

We took guided tours of both Pueblo Bonito and Pueblo Del Arroyo but due to a lightning storm rolling in, our tour of Pueblo Del Arroyo was cut short.

After that Josh and I headed back to camp to have a chili dog dinner and to watch the storm roll in.


[Watching the sky]

[Storm's a brewin']

[My rockin tan line]

[Trying to be artistic]

Even though we didn't get to see fireworks on the 4th of July we still got to see a show when the lightning storms lit up the night sky!