Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scenic Drive

I had a long, rough week at work so instead of going somewhere for the long Memorial Day weekend, Josh and I decided to stay in town and relax.

On Sunday, we went on a nice scenic drive.

We started by heading up the UT-14 towards Cedar Breaks. The road was closed (we knew that before starting the journey), so we turned onto another road and headed up Cedar Mountain. 

We continued on this dirt road for a while before arriving at Kolob Reservoir.

Next, we continued on the Kolob Reservoir road which took us into Zion National Park.

 We drove through the park and ended at Virgin.

From here we headed back to the 15 and headed north towards home. 

On the way back, we stopped at Kolob Canyons Park (I've never been there) and took the 5 mile drive through the park. 

After seeing Kolob we headed back to Cedar. 

 It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend! I hope yours was too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parents Visit - Weekend in Vegas

Quick post:

My dad had a conference in Vegas a couple of weekends ago so Josh and I decided to go down and hang out with my mom and dad in Vegas for a night.

We ate lunch by the poolside, went shopping at the Forum (my dad bought Josh a nice shirt), and then saw Terry Fator the ventriloquist! He was amazing and hilarious! I was blown away by his performance!

After the show we went to Kokomo's to have dinner. The food was expensive and delicious! Can't go wrong with Fliet Mignon, lobster mashed potatoes, crab cake, and lobster bisque! Yum!

The next day Josh and I drove back to Cedar so that we could see the Solar Eclipse.

Then on Monday my mom drove up so that she could deliver some of my childhood things to me. What would I do without my Beanie Babies?!

While she was here she got to meet Brodee! Finally!

He warmed up to her quickly and we had a fun time playing!

Thanks mom and dad for such a great weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

 On May 20, 2012, we witnessed an Annular Solar Eclipse! 

The cool thing about this eclipse was that being in Cedar City we were right in the way of the moons shadow and as a result we got to see the Ring of Fire!

[We used welders lens to protect our eyes] 

[Josh used my camera and put the welder lens over it so that we could take pictures]

[The Ring of Fire]

What an amazing experience! I have been waiting since I was a kid to see one of these!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Josh Turns 27

It was Josh's 27th birthday on Tuesday! Instead of having a party, like we did last year, we decided to stay at home, open presents, and have chili cheese dogs and German chocolate cake.

[Josh's presents -  Thanks everyone!]

We also had Brodee overnight which was a lot of fun!

[Brodee helping Josh open his presents]

[Just hanging out]

[Matching shoes!]

[Feeding dad]

[Josh's favorite meal!]

[German chocolate cake]

[Josh and all his presents - he's starting to collect vinyls]

[Brodee loves his Packers bear]

[Rockin' out!]

Happy birthday Josh!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Utah Archaeology Week - Cedar City Celebration

To close out Utah Archaeology Week, we had a large celebration at the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum on Saturday (May 12). We had a lot of booths and activities and a huge turn out of people from the Iron County area.

[WSA's booth - Coloring page for the kids, artifacts and a slideshow from our most recent excavation, and brochures about our UNEV project]

[Elenor - Cradle board demonstration] 

[BLM - Split twig figures]

[Rug making]

[Rope making]

[Face and body painting]

[Barb Frank from the SUU Repository - Tie painting]

[Artifacts from the SUU Repository]

[Adobe Brick Making]

[WSA's mock excavation]

[Piute structures]

[Atlatl throwing]

[Fry bread]

[Leather working]

Overall the day was a lot of fun and a huge success!