Sunday, January 25, 2009

The City of Lights, The Eternal City, and everything in between

I bought my ticket and it's official....

I'm backpacking through France


and Italy

Remember when I mentioned that I loved to travel and I want to see the world?

Out of the 12 things I listed I get to see 4 of them (Mt Vesuvius, The Louvre, Vatican City, and the Colosseum) during this upcoming adventure. 


I get to see two of my favorite sculptures because they are both in The Louvre!


I love love LOVE the outdoors (especially the desert and the mountains... I think Utah fits me for this reason...) and I get to see one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

The Swiss Alps!

*Let the countdown to May begin*

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I live for these

My Girls and Girls Weekend!

Right before Christmas, Katey and Emily were both in town so we decided to have a Girls Weekend (aka Bum Night). The night would not be complete with out some

intense Guitar Hero 3,


positive encouragement,

and success!

Last weekend, Emily and I went down to Vegas to have a Girls Weekend with Katey for her 23rd birthday! 

The first night (1.16.2009) consisted of Country Dancing. The only problem with this is that I can't dance. I pretend I can, but we all know that Neilsons don't have rhythm (except some think they do). Overall, I had a great first night.

The next day we started out early by hitting the Vegas Strip.

We went to the M&M Factory where we bought almond and peanut butter M&Ms. 

Next we stopped by the Coke Factory so we could try 16 different Coke products from all around the world.

Some were delicious!

Others tasted like robitussin!

We had a blast walking around the Strip.

That night we went to V The Ultimate Variety Show and a hypnotist show. They were both hilarious and so much fun.

The night ended with a nice stroll down the Strip. 

I know what you're thinking... that's a huge $100 bill. It would have been cooler if the back of the bill didn't tell us that we were all going to hell for being on the Vegas Strip. 

The night left me contemplating my eternal soul. 

I love these girls!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Moment

Did you watch the Presidential Inauguration today? 

I have high hopes and expectations for our new President. Not only was I happy with President Obamas speech, it made me feel confident in my decision to vote for him. Here's to the next 4 years!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you ready for some football!?

I'm a fan. I can't deny it. I love spending my time watching a good American football game. Like I am doing right now. Chargers vs Steelers. The Chargers are losing : ( and are about to be knocked out of the playoffs. But hey, that happens. 

I'm ready for the Superbowl. It doesn't matter who goes, it'll still be a great game!

... Ouch! The Chargers just lost...

That's ok because I still have these guys:

They are #1 in the West (29-6) and are tied for 1st overall in the NBA!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My First Laker Game of 2009

What better to end my Christmas vacation then a Lakers game?! My dad was able to work his magic and get us box seats at the Laker vs Jazz game on January 2.

The true Laker fans

The Lakers warming up

The Jazz warming up

Here comes the Lakers

The Lakers beating the Jazz

Ryan and Dad discussing the game

The Lakers rock! 

Special appearances at the Staples Center by Akon, Jack Black, Lou Adler and Jack Nicholson.

Bring on 2009

New Years Eve –
My dad got a box at the Clippers vs 76ers game. We had the whole box to ourselves so we got to invite a lot of people. Among the party people where John and Tylyn (uncle and aunt); Adam (long time friend) and Analise; Justin (long time friend); Drew (long time friend) and Christina; Ryan and Missy (brother and SIL); Tiersha (cousin) and Josh; Michael John (cousin); Tahnee (cousin) and Tyler; and me! The Clippers lost (not a surprise) and the game wasn't that entertaining but I had a great time hanging out with some old friends.

After the Clippers game we walked across the street to LA Live. Apparently this is supposed to be the "Time Square of the West Coast". Trust me, I've been to Time Square and this does not begin to compare. 

Next, we drove down Colorado Ave (to see all the people lined up to watch the Rose Parade), and then we went back to my parents house to watch the ball drop over Times Square.

New Years Day –
New Years morning we all woke up late (after our crazy par-tay the night before), made breakfast (pancakes!), and watched the Rose Parade in HD.

After a tasty breakfast some of us decided to head down to Malibu. We stop at a empty beach so we could play in the sand (it was way too cold to go in the water).

To round off the day, we headed over to the Santa Monica pier and the Third Street Promenade. We ate at Johnny Rockets, walked around the shops, and stopped by Brookstone to sit in the massage chairs. 

Friends, family, sporting events. What more could you ask for? It was a great way to start the new year.

California Love

I'm fine with not having a "White Christmas" because California is beautiful

and I get to hang out with fellow Laker fan, Luke.

We kept busy during the days between Christmas and New Years.

Julie (my dads cousin), Bob (Julie's fiance), Rachel (Julie's daughter), Stan and Mickey (my dads uncle and aunt) all came over for dinner one night. 

We were also graced with the presence of Cheryl and Brandon (my cousin and her husband) and their 4 kids.

Brandon and #2

Dad and #3

#4 and Mom

Missy, #3, and Ryan

My beautiful cousin Cheryl and #1

I also went down to Orange County for a few days to see some old friends.