Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two Month Update

Welp! We made it! The two month mark! Happy anniversary to us!

Just a few things have happened in the last two months (in no particular order):

(1) Josh and I went back to work.

You gotta pay the bills right?! Josh is still Inspecting on the pipeline and I am Office Manager-ing away!

(2) Luke and Andie got married!

(3) I dyed my hair.. Ombre with blonde. I think I'm going to add some red at my next appointment.

(4) Brodee sent us some of his beautiful art work and we continue to Face Time with him everyday.

(5) Emily and Kenny (one of the most amazing couples I know!), after a long battle, were finally able to announce that they are pregnant! I am so excited for them! :-)

(6) We paid off the Raptor!

Now we can start saving for a house!