Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rally Time

Game 6 is tonight
The Angels are on the brink of elimination

They just have to get pass these guys...

That shouldn't be too hard, right?

Go Angels!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the last 16 weeks I have (in no particular order):

-Started a new job
-Worked on 8 different archaeological sites (prehistoric and historic)
-Stayed in Salt Lake City, Cedar City, Tooele, and Delta
-Gone to 2 rodeos and a demolition derby
-Worked 6 days a week for 9 hours a day
-Been on the PPC
-Hiked Angels Landing in Zion National Park (pics to come)
-Seen the petroglyphs in Parowan Gap (again...)
-Stayed in 5 different hotels
-Played Nintendo
-Had a girls night
-Worked in 40 to 107 degree weather
-Watched 3 seasons of X-Files
-Backfilled a site for 7 hours straight
-Lost Fineas
-Been woken up by a screaming hooker
-Gone to Park City to ride the Zipline, Coaster, and Alpine Slide
-Had a back spasm
-Been told that my hand writing is horrible
-Made some awesome friends
-Went wedding dress shopping in St George with Katey and Emily
-Learned how to analyze historic artifacts
-Dug a 2 by 1 down a meter in one day
-Won 14 dollars in nickels while playing poker
-Gone out to dinner more times then I care to remember
-Found more projectile points on a historic site then all the prehistoric ones combined
-Had a great birthday which consisted of dueling pianos and 4 attractive guys singing "Pretty Woman" to me
-Met my nephew Wall-E
-Made a Vegas trip to see my girls and party on the Strip with my co-workers
-Been offered a full time job with benefits... that's my way of telling you that I'm relocating to Cedar City