Friday, December 8, 2017

Theo's Four Months Old

Theo is four months old! He is 15 lbs and 26.5 inches long. He sleeps 11 hours a night and takes 2-3 naps a day (yes, he’s a super sleeper)! He hates tummy time, but has figured out how to roll over so he doesn’t have to do it very long. He loves to smile and babble and I hope he will start laughing soon. Theo loves to sit on my lap or “dance” while we listen to Disney music, but his favorite thing is still laying on the floor and observing the world around him.

[So many smiles]

[Typical Theo look]

[He loves to cuddle with is blanket]

[We don't go out too often, but Theo, Josh, and I went to dinner with some of Josh's coworkers. It was a lot of fun and Theo loved the hibachi especially when the chef made fire!]

[How I put him to bed]

[How I find him in the morning]

[Theo's slide]

[Theo's slide when he's sleeping]

[We have a security camera and Josh likes to check in on us from time to time]

[Theo's Owlet] 

[Spying on Theo]

[Theo sitting on my lap listening to Disney music. He really likes Mulan!]

[My mom gave Theo his R2-D2 outfit and it is so cute! The hat is a little small but I tried to do a photo shoot anyways.]


[Working on tummy time]

[Holding his head up]

[Staying warm!]

[He's getting so strong!]

Sara sent us some pictures of Brodee this month. It looks like he is having a great time in Texas!

Medically speaking, this month has been very busy. Theo had his second MRI (November 27th), which went pretty well. I fed Theo four hours before his check in time but when we arrived at the hospital we were told we would have to wait longer to get Theo in because there was an emergency and another baby needed the MRI. By the time they got around to Theo it was almost four hours after our scheduled check in time. I was able to pump at the hospital (they were very accommodating), but by the time they needed me in recovery Theo was STARVING and my milk was cold. I was so upset because I knew how scared and hungry Theo was. The nurses were so great and they tried to help us but Theo was having a hard time. We finally got Theo to eat some warm formula and he calmed down a bit. He was pretty tired for the rest of the day but he was back to his normal self the next day. 

[Got his hospital bracelet]

[Trying to keep Theo entertained while we wait our turn]

[After Theo woke up he was hungry and mad]


While we were waiting at the hospital for Theo's MRI we met with the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Kula. He specializes in anesthesia for babies and children and he is likely going to be the anesthesiologist for Theo's brain surgery. He also told us about Dr. Fraser, the Neurology Radiologist, who will be doing Theo's brain procedure. He spoke very highly of Dr. Fraser and told us that Theo is in good hands.

[That large black mass in the center of his skull is the aneurysm]

Theo's brain aneurysm has not dilated anymore, but he does have some extra fluid in his ventricles. The Neurologist will continue to monitor him and he will likely have another MRI in February. We also got the all results from his genetic testing. Everything came back normal which means his vascular malformations (aneurysm and Port Wine Stains) are not genetic. We should find out more about our treatment options for his PWS when we meet with the Geneticists next month.

After Theo's MRI we decided to get ready for Christmas! We took Theo to meet Santa at Bass Pro Shops, put up our Charlie Brown tree, and hung up our stockings.

[And... he's done!]

Thank you everyone for your continuing love, support, thoughts, and prayers. We love this little guy so much and we hope this next month goes just as well!