Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Theo's First Road Trip

On Monday, October 30th, Theo and I packed up the truck and made the 5.5 hour drive from our home to Cincinnati to see my family.

The road trip went really well! We left right after I fed Theo at 8:00 AM, so I knew I had until noon before he had to eat again. A few days before the trip I went to the store and bought some pre-made formula bottles. That way I could just pull over anywhere and feed him and I wouldn't have to worry about finding warm water. Well, that kinda back fired. At noon I pulled into a Starbucks, got Theo out of the car, found a nice soft couch to sit on, and proceeded to feed Theo. Turns out Theo did not like the formula! He cried and yelled and fought against every ounce. After a few minutes of struggling I took him to the bathroom to change his wet diaper. We then went back to the couch to try again. He didn't enjoy it but he was able to drink a few ounces. I then ordered a hot chocolate and then we got back on the highway. I knew that we were only 90 minutes away, so if he got hungry before his 4:00 feeding we would be at my parents house and have access to my breast milk. 

Other then Theo not liking his lunch, the drive went smoothly. Theo either slept or looked out the back window for the entire ride.

[I love being able to see my baby]

That night Ryan, Missy, Brady, Dane and Cole came over to have dinner and carve pumpkins. 

[Missy and Cole getting to meet Theo for the first time]

[Papa and Dane]




[Great job everyone!] 

[It's always hard to get pictures of kids!] 

["Yay! Halloween!"]

The next day (Halloween) the family gathered and my parents neighbors, Kenny and Jami, and their kids came over so everyone could go trick-or-treating together. My parents neighborhood is pretty great! They have a scheduled time for the kids to trick-or-treat. Everyone in the neighborhood goes out between 6 and 8 and it is so much fun!

Theo, mom, dad, and I stayed at home to pass out candy while the older kids ran around the neighborhood. 

Of course, Theo and I dressed up!

[Harry Potter]



[Brady and Theo - our two Harry Potters]

[Easton, Dane, Ashyr, Brady and Theo]

[Easton, Dane, Ashyr, Brady, Theo, Missy and Cole] 

After trick-or-treating we all went over to Jami and Kenny's house for hot soup (made by Missy and Jami) and cornbread (made by dad). It was all delicious!

During the rest of the week Theo, dad, and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Eli's BBQ, and to see the house my dad and Kenny flipped. 

We also got to spend a lot of time with Missy and her boys!

[Cole and Theo]

[Dane and Theo]

[Cole LOVED Theo! It was so cute! Cole loves to wave at the baby and pat his belly (gently).]

[Singing "Popcorn Popping" to Theo] 

[Cole wanted to go "Night-Night" with Theo] 

[Grandma and Theo] 

[Papa and Theo]

[Me reading Harry Potter to Brady and Theo]

Before we left to go to my parents house Theo was sleeping in a small bassinet in our room. We were also just a few days away from completing his BBC (baby boot camp)/sleep training. I didn't know how he would do when I put him in the large pack-n-play, but he did great! He slept through the night and only woke up a few times looking for his paci.

[Love baby cuddles]

My mom bought this cute scarecrow and instead of putting it in the ground in the plants outside, she just leaned it against the window by the front door. It kept scaring me whenever I came down the stairs because I thought someone was being creepy and peeking through the window (even though it was facing out).

A few days later a big storm came through the blew the scarecrow over. Instead of picking it back up and placing it outside the window looking out (like it was), my dad made it facing in! When I came down the stairs that morning it freaked me out! Creeper! My dad thought it was funny!


Theo and I had so much fun hanging out with my family (thanks mom and dad for hosting us!) and we are so excited to come back at Christmas time with Josh!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Theo's Three Months Old

It has been another great month here in the Carlson Raptor! Theo is growing like a weed and is getting more and more adorable every day!

[Sunday cuddles with dad!]

[Grabbing toys in the gym]

[On October 18th Theo slept for 8 straight hours! Sleep training is almost complete!]

[He has his daddy's eyelashes]

[I think he's getting ready to roll over. He likes to lay on his side, but he hasn't rolled from his back to front yet.]


[Visiting daddy at work!]

[My little bear cub!]

[Harry Potter outfit?! Yes, please!]

[On October 25th Theo slept for 9.5 hours straight!] 

On October 26th Theo and I drove down to Peoria so that we could meet with Dr. Steve, an Ophthalmologist, to get his eyes checked. At first I wasn't too happy about driving all the way to Peoria for this appointment, but once we met with Dr. Steve all my annoyance went away. It turns out Dr. Steve use to work at the Boston Hospital where all the Vein of Galen specialist are. He also works closely with our Neurosurgeon and Neurologist here in Illinois. He was very knowledgeable about Theo's situation, which made me feel comforted.

After meeting with Dr. Steve the nurse put some drops in Theo's eyes to dilate them. Once they were dilated the nurse did some examinations and then Dr. Steve came back in to do his examinations. Theo sat like a rockstar! He was very calm while Dr. Steve was shining bright lights in his eyes and he even sat quietly as Dr. Steve explained to me what his conclusions were. Dr. Steve told me that Theo's eyes look great! There is always a concern about blood vessels in the eyes when the baby has any kind of vascular malformation (Theo has two). The doctor then asked me if I had any concerns and I told him that every so often Theo would go crossed eye or that one of his eyes would wander. Also, that sometimes Theo would open his eyes really wide and it would freak me out a bit. He told me that as long as his eyes don't stay crossed or wandering for very long then it was perfectly normal and that babies will do strange things with their eyes because they are trying to focus.

[Dilated eyes at the Doctors]

[Big eyes!]

The next day Theo and I went and saw his Cardiologist in Ottawa (she works in both Peoria and Ottawa) so he could get checked out and get an Echocardiogram. After the Echo was done we met with his doctor. She told us that his heart looks great but that he does have a minor PFO, which 20-30 % of the population has. She said that it is not causing any problems and that his heart is healthy. They also took his blood pressure, heart rate, weight and height, and the doctor said that everything is looking as it should. 

[Theo looking for his paci]

[It's been getting cold but luckily my friend Susan gave us a super warm and comfy seat liner and cover for Theo. He stays so warm and looks super cute!]

[Theo's first shoes!]


Theo started sleeping completely through the night (8:45 - 7:45) while we were at my parents house (see next post). When we got home we moved him to his pack n play and he continued to sleep through the night! When we put him down we only have to comfort him or put his paci back in once or twice before he falls asleep. 

[We installed a camera so we could spy on him!]

[Three months!] 

This month we got a present from my very talented Aunt Lisa and cousin Nicole! They sent us a stocking, two burp cloths, a large blanket that were all hand made! Aunt Lisa also sent us a Star Wars art piece that was signed by the artist. Thank you so much for everything! We love them all!

Theo loves to “talk” and have books read to him, and his favorite thing is to lay flat on his back on a comfy blanket. His face and thighs are really starting to fill out and I love his big round belly! Theo doesn’t cry or get upset very often and he has such a calm demeanor. He has days when he is super needy and it's hard for me to get things done around the house, but then he has other days where he is perfectly happy playing on his own. He did so great on our first road trip (to see my family in Ohio) and either slept or looked out the back window during the 5.5 hour drive.

This month Theo has his second brain MRI and before the exam he has to get a physical done so he can be cleared to be put under anesthesia. We hope all the good news continues!

Theo is such a sweetheart and we love him so much!