Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Some Things...

(1) My best friend Katey left today. She got a job in another state. I am sad to see her go : (

(2) I am going to Canada for a week which I am very excited about. Being able to spend time with my family is something I've been looking forward to for a while!

(3) Ok ok the Lakers... what happened? They did not deserve to win the title. Im sorry. I am a diehard Laker fan, but when they give up after the first quarter then they don't deserve to win. You know who did deserve the title? The Celtics. They had heart and they played like a true team. I have great respect for the Celtics. The Lakers will have a great year next season. I can feel it!

(4) I am currently working on a new post: The Haunting

My UK Trip: Part III Almost Done

Day 8-10: Cardiff and Tintern, Wales; Oxford and Woodstock, England; and Glasgow, Scotland

Day 8: Cardiff and Tintern Wales; Oxford, England
- Went to Cardiff Castle (we were not able to take pictures inside except for the one of the Madonna statue)
- Jumped on a train to Cardiff Bay and saw the Millennium Center
- We left Cardiff and headed to Chepstow and then got on a bus to Tintern
- Saw the ruins of Tintern Abby in the Wye Valley
- It was raining while we were there but it was completely worth it
- We then left Wales and headed to Oxford, England

Day 9: Oxford, Woodstock, and London
- We met Hannah at our hostel in Oxford, and since we all got along so well, we decided to go sightseeing together
- The 3 of us walked to Christ Church in Oxford but it was closed until the afternoon
- To waste time we decided to go to Woodstock to see Blenheim Palace
- While at Blenheim Palace we saw the 11th Duke of Marlborough (very uncommon), the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and the gardens of the Palace
- We then headed back to Oxford to see Christ Church and the Great Hall where Harry Potter was filmed
- Unable to get a room in Oxford, we headed back to London for the night
- We finished the night by going to Kings Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4

Day 10: London, England and Glasgow, Scotland
- We headed out of London and took a very long train ride to Glasgow, Scotland
- The scenery on the way to Scotland was beautiful!
- When we got to Glasgow we walked around the city and saw the Botanical Gardens

Stick around for Part IV: The End Day 11-15 (Inverness and Edinburgh, Scotland; and London, England)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My UK Trip: Part II The Adventure Continues

Days 4-7: London, Sailsbury, Bath, and Cardiff

Day 4: London
- Our first time on the London Underground. I swear by this!
- We visited Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abby
- After deciding we knew nothing about London or what we wanted to see; we found ourselves on a double-decker Red Bus Tour of the city

Day 5: London continues
- We finished our Red Bus Tour
- Went to the Victoria and Albert Museum & the Natural History and Science Museum
- Tower of London and Buckingham Palace

Day 6: London goes crazy
- Syanna and I attempted to ride the Underground during rush hour and we ended up getting separated! Oh don't worry... we found each other a few hours later : /
- After finding each other we went to St Paul's Cathedral and then onto Camden Town. Hot Topic exploded! It was a crazy outdoor shopping center.

Day 7: 4 cities and 3 train rides
- We left London (don't worry we will be back), by train, and went to Salisbury
- At Salisbury we hopped on a double-decker bus that took us through Amesbury and onto Stonehenge!
- Stonehenge is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I did not realize how big the stones were until I got there. I know it was a little out of the way but it was totally worth it. Plus aliens built it (does life get any better?)!
- After leaving Salisbury we headed over to Bath.
- This is the home of the famous Roman Baths.
- After walking around the sites and drinking the water from the natural spring that feeds the baths (it taste like sulfur), we headed over to Cardiff.
- We arrived in Wales at night and decided to go on a "Dr. Who" hunt with a new friend. (Apparently a lot of Dr Who was taped in Cardiff, Wales, and we got to see some of the places the episodes were filmed)

Stay tuned for Part III: Day 8-10 (Cardiff and Tintern, Wales; Oxford and Woodstock, England; and Glasgow, Scotland)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

"I want to be like your dad when I grow up" 

This is an actual quote from one of my really good friends. It just goes to show how amazing my dad really is. Hey, how many of your friends say that they want to be like your dad when they grow up? Seriously!

I love spending time with my dad. Whether its at home (in LA) or on some exciting family vacation.

I love it when my dad calls me because we can hold a conversation and we usually just end up laughing and talking about sports.

(This is probably one of the best pictures ever.)

My dad is a great father. He is always there when I need him. He is always there to give advice. He is always there to push me to my limits and encourage me to be a better person. I try ever day to be a good person and to do my best because that is who he taught me to be and I would never want him to be ashamed of me. I love you dad for always believing in me. I miss you and I love you. Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My UK Trip: Part I The Adventure Begins

Sorry this took so long but I was distracted by other, more important, things: The Lakers... What else? Honestly.

So what have I been up to for the past few weeks? Well, I went on a backpacking adventure with my friend Syanna to the UK... with a quick stop in DC!

*This is more of a journal for myself... but I hope you enjoy it too! Feel free to post a comment if you want to see more pictures of one place in particular (keep in mind I took over 300 pictures and there is no way I can post them all here) or if you have any questions (about backpacking, hostels, living the wild life, etc.).

Day 1-3: Washington DC

Days 1 and 3 were mostly spent in airports. But here is a rundown of our 14 hour day (Day 2) in Washington DC:
- I rode the Metro for the first time!
- We got lost (not for the first time and definitely not for the last time)
- We saw The White House, Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Pentagon.
- May favorite part? We got to see our friend, Cady, and her son! We haven't seen her since she graduated with her Masters a year ago. It was nice to see a friendly and familiar face in our Nations Capital.
- I would highly recommend spending more then one day in DC. There is so much to see. But hey, as you will see, that is what the trip is all about: move fast and see awesome stuff!

Coming soon:
Part II: Day 5-7 (London, Sailsbury, Bath, and Cardiff)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Was I right or was I right?!

Well, I don't want to brag, ok yea I do, but I totally predicted this! The Lakers and Celtics are meeting once again in the NBA Finals. 

These teams have met 10 times before (8-2 in favor of Boston) in the NBA Finals and have one of the biggest rivalries in NBA history (dating back to the 60s). Boston has won 16 championships (the most in the NBA) with the Lakers claiming a modest 14 championships. I don't care who you are, these games are gonna be good.

Game 1 is on thursday and even though I missed all the Spurs/Laker games* you can bet that I'm going to be watching it!


* I was in the UK for two weeks on a backpacking adventure. I will write about this and post pictures later.