Friday, April 15, 2016

Kobe, Truck Love, Kobe, Spring/Winter Battle, Kobe, My Parents, Kobe, Josh at Work, KOBE, STAR WARS, AND MAMBA OUT!

I still remember when Kobe was drafted. I was in the car with my mom listening to the radio and all of a sudden she said, "YES!" Huh? What? "We are getting Kobe!" I asked who that was and she said, "He's that High School kid that's really good." Oh ok! 

Sounds good to me!

We watch Kobe (with his fro) play for the Lakers and build an amazing franchise. Just a few years later Kobe and our Lakers got their three-peat! It was amazing! I still remember Mark Madsen dancing and the Kings crying! :-P

I've been a Lakers fan for most of my life and I can't even imagine the NBA without Kobe. I grew up watching him. I cried when they lose in the Playoffs and I cheer when they win! It's been hard to be a Lakers fan lately but that hasn't stopped me. I just LOVE my Southern CA teams!

Even though the game didn't start until 9:30 PM, I HAD to stay up to watch Kobe play one more time! The tributes were amazing and the game was so much fun to watch! Kobe scored 60 points and they won their 17th game of the season! :-/

[I made this sign for Kobe when we went to the Bulls vs Lakers game. Kobe never got to see it]




Anyways, I'm going to miss Kobe, but I am excited to see what the Lakers are going to do with all the extra cap space!

"Mamba Out!"

I miss my X-Terra. I love how it had a big back seat and a nice large trunk. It made grocery shopping and transporting suitcases easier. Don't get me wrong, I do love our new truck but having a trunk (that you can use) is really important to me. So we decided it was time to put our eight-foot bed to use.

[Before. The truck bed it lined with ugly plastic]

[During. I went and took the truck to get it sprayed with liner. It looks beautiful!!]

[After! I took the truck and got a beautiful bed cover installed. It cost a little more then I wanted it to but I love how it looks!]

Now I can put everything from my backseat in the bed of the truck. It is also really easy to just open the cover a little bit so I can put groceries back there. And I have my backseat back! Woot Woot! Everyone hop in!

Star Wars VII came out! Eek!! I already watched all the extra features! Love it!

We got a small crack in the floor of the shower. Josh is handy so he fixed it :-) We are also in the process of ripping out the carpet in the closet. Always something to do!

I keep wearing my Rainbows hoping that Mother Nature will take the hint but the snow just kept on coming!!

I think that Winter is almost over now. Time to put away the sweatpants and Converse... hopefully!

I love this shirt! I miss California!

Josh continues to work on the pipeline. He enjoys his job and I appreciate all the work he does!

[Pipeliner blasting the pipe]

[Applying the coating]  

[Josh the Inspector inspecting the coating] 

My parents are at the end of an epic vacation. They spent a month in Portugal, a month in Spain, a month in Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe), and time in Qatar and Paris. My parents are such a great example to me and I am excited to see them when they get home next week!



I am going to Ohio on Tuesday to see my family! My sister-in-law, Missy, is going to give birth at anytime and I am so excited to meet my new nephew and to play with my other nephews!