Saturday, May 7, 2016

Baby Cole!!

I had been planning on going to Ohio in April since I found out that Missy was pregnant and due while my parents were out of the country. My brother (her husband) is gone a lot for work too. So I told Missy that I was planning on coming down to Ohio on Tuesday (April 19th) but if she needed me before that I would be there in a heartbeat! 

So Tuesday arrived and I made the five hour trek to Ohio. After having dinner with Missy and the boys I went to my parents house to unpack. The next morning, Missy dropped off the boys so she could have some rest. We went to the park and played baseball in my parents backyard. 

Wednesday (April 20th) night while I was at Ryan and Missy's house, Missy started having contractions. She timed them found out that they were a minute long and 5 minutes apart. When I left for the night I told her to call me if they needed me to come and stay with the boys. Well, at 11:45 PM my phone rang and Missy said, "It's time!" 

I packed up a small bag and went over to Ryan and Missy's house. They met me in the driveway and I wished her good luck! I went inside (the boys were sleeping) and fell asleep in the guest room.

At 2:44 AM (April 21st) baby Cole was born! Ryan sent us updates via text message during the night. At 7:00 AM I heard the boys come out of their room. I called to Brady and told him to get Dane and come and sit on my bed. They came in and asked where their parents where. I showed them the pictures that Ryan had sent and they got so excited! I told them that we were going to go at noon to see the baby. EEK! So exciting!

At noon we left the house and headed to the hospital. They boys were so excited to meet their new brother!

[Missy, baby Cole, Dane and Brady]

[Look at all that hair!]

[So alert!]

After spending some time with the baby I took the boys downstairs to get baby Cole a gift. After much debate (I wanted to get this life-sized Storm Trooper balloon), we got him a smaller balloon and some socks.

[I sent this to Missy... I felt it was completely appropriate]

My parents flew in that afternoon and my brother picked them up from the airport as I took the boys home and made dinner. That night my parents went to the hospital to meet their new grandbaby and then they came over to see me and the boys.

Over the next week I spent a lot of time with my family. Baby Cole is a huge hit and he is super cute and squishy!

[Big brother Brady with Cole]

[Medium brother Dane with Cole]

[My turn!]

[Super happy "Gran-ma"]


[Papa reading to the boys]

Ok, I thought this was funny: I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some allergy medication and I sent out a mass text to my family to see if they needed anything while I was out. My dad asked me to look into black mulch, Missy asked me to get some mouthwash for Brady (NO Spongebob!), and my mom asked me to check out the price of Propel. Once I found the Propel I texted my mom and here is her response:

Five?! FIVE CASES?! She LOVES her Propel!

Since Missy JUST had a baby and Ryan was working, my dad took Brady on his field trip to the Farm. Isn't this so cute?!

On Friday, April 29th, Ryan, Brady, Dane, my dad and I went to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. And it was AWESOME!

[Touching tank]

[Dane was so brave]




I loved the Jellyfish section! There were so many different types and they were beautiful!

[Touching the sharks!]

[Watching the pengiuns]

[Walking across the shark bridge]

The Newport Aquarium was probably one of the best aquariums that I have ever been to! We had such a great time!

After the aquarium we went to Tom+Chee to get their famous grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled cheese doughnuts!

[Grilled cheese doughnut with peanut butter and bananas]

[Grilled cheese with turkey, cheese, and pickles]


After lunch we walked down to the waterfront and threw rocks in the river.

Can't get enough of him!!

The next day I went with my parents to a place in Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine. We tried to get into The Eagle for dinner but were told it would be a 2.5 hour wait! Their food is so delicious but I was hungry! We then walked down the street and found a sushi restaurant called Kaze. After dinner we went to the famous Graeter's Ice Cream. It was very creamy and delicious!

I was missing Josh so I sent him this picture in a text message (no, I didn't draw it myself). I don't think he appreciated it as much as I did.

Sunday night (May 1st) my dad and I made fresh homemade pasta for dinner. And it was tasty!

After dinner we went outside and the boys played with the neighbor kids. It was so cute to see Dane driving the little car. 

After running around outside we came inside and had ice cream cones. Right then a huge storm rolled in and it started to hail and lightning!

[Note the chocolate on the window sill, table, his pants, shirt and face!]

While I was having fun with my family Josh was at home working. I love him and appreciate him so much! Here are some pictures from work:

May 4th is Star Wars Day. I sent this message to my brothers. 

They responded by telling me I need this hat. I completely agree :-)

I watch Clone Wars before bed every night. It's so awesome!