Sunday, February 16, 2014

45 Days

Welp! We are still here. Still chugging away. Going on 45 straight days of waking up at 3AM and going to work. I'm not going to lie. It hurts and I'm tired. 

Yesterday the Chief sent me home at 4:00PM and I was so excited. To make it even better he told me that we could have the next day off (or we could come in late). YES! However, while Josh and I were at dinner (Saturday-night-date-night) we got a text from one of the Lead Inspectors telling us that we all needed to come into work the next morning. Bummer. I was really looking forward to turning off my alarm and sleeping in. 

Oh well, that's the life of a pipeliner.

[Some of the Inspectors]

I have also been trying to plan a wedding while working over 80 hours a week. Today we made progress with the Invitations! I know my stress will drop a lot once these are all stuffed and sent off!

Oh! Happy (late) Valentines Day! We are in love and so happy :-)

I got Josh some Ghost Pepper Sauce and the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes and he got me a Romantic Coupon book, flowers, Monsters University, and a box of Bordeaux See's Candy. He knows me so well!

Aren't we just the cutest?!