Saturday, February 21, 2015

February in NW Indiana

The first day of February brought us this:


Well, I guess we could have expected that since we had barely any snow yet this season.

The first day of February also brought us the Superbowl! We were rooting for the lesser of two evils (The Patriots) just so we had someone to cheer for, but honestly, we didn't care who won since neither the Packers nor the Chargers were playing. Even though it was snowing we were determined to venture out to get some Buffalo Wild Wings :-)


During February I purchased these gorgeous handmade Trees from my friend. They are beautiful and she is super talented!

And, of course, February would not be complete without Valentines Day!

Josh bought me this gorgeous arrangement of two dozen red roses, the new Transformers movie, and a box of See's chocolates (all Bordeaux). I got him Beats By Dre wireless headphones... men and women are very different :-)

For dinner that night we went up to the Copper Rock Steakhouse. We've eaten here a few times and it never disappoints!

We got a bottle of red wine, lobster bisque, ahi tuna appetizer, steaks for dinner (along with crab stuffed shrimp), and chocolate cake for dessert! It was AMAZING and I can't wait to go back!

February has been a little rough on us. The snow and the cold won't stop. We are well below average out here and most mornings when I go to work it's below 0. I hope you are all staying warm and safe out there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Josh's Trip to Texas

Things have slowed down on the pipeline and all of the Inspectors have been laid off. Since Josh had some down time we thought it would be a good idea for him to go to Texas to visit Brodee. Josh left on January 25th and it took Josh two days to get there. We were not sure how much he would have Brodee or see him, but when Josh arrived he was happily given custody over the kid and they spent the next four days together!

They spent a lot of time watching movies, playing cars, running around at McDonalds, shopping at Target (Brodee lost one of his shoes in the ball pit so they had to buy new ones), playing at the park, and just being silly boys! It seems like the had a great time together :-)

At the end of the week Josh took Brodee back to his mom and said goodbye. Brodee was upset when Josh left but hopefully we will see him again real soon!