Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time to say goodbye

December 5 - We ended our trip by spending one more day in Cairo. 

We went to the Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque (we had to wear little coverings over our shoes) and the Gayer Anderson Museum.

The Hanging Church

and the St Sargeous Church (Underneath the church is the crypt where the Holy Family hid when they came to Egypt). 

For our final night we went to the Sound and Light show at the Great Pyramids and then went to dinner and a Folkloric Show at the Mena House.

December 6 - This is Luke, our driver, our trip manager (we called him Larry King), and Me just before our 19 hour flight back to California. 

This was a great trip! I love Egypt. The country, the people, the places to see... everything! I would have no problem coming back but I have many other places to see first. 

Next stop: Europe!

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Dan said...

Hey Courtney,

Looks like that was an awesome trip. The pictures are great. It would definitely be cool to see such amazing history.