Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekends in SLC

Lately, I've been working in SLC... you know what that means? I get to go here every weekend:

Beautiful Park City!

We got a day pass that allowed us to ride the Alpine Slide,

the Coaster,

and the ZipLine.

I love this palace... can I live here please?


Lauren Jayne said...

I am so bummed that in all the time I lived in Utah, I never once rode the Alpine Slide. It looks like so much fun, so I'm glad you got to!

Heatherly said...

Umm, you know what's just a SHORT 45 minute drive from Salt Lake?? Provo. It's probably just as fun as Park City and you should visit it sometime.

Joe and Megan Karlsven said...

That looks so fun. I am very jealous.

Rob -n- Katie Rasmussen said...

How stinkin fun. I love park city. Especially the zip line. Although I haven't tried the new roller coaster ride. Hmm guess it's time for another excursion. Sounds like you having a good summer.