Sunday, November 1, 2009

Being in Nature

Whether its hiking or digging, I tend to spend a lot of time outside. I love it though. I love being a part of nature. I love being tuned into that which surrounds me.

October 4, 2009

7 of my co-workers and I decided to take our one day off and go to Zion National Park to hike Angels Landing. I admit, I'm not the most well traveled person but I honestly think Zion is one of the most beautiful places in the world... I am biased though, I have much love for the desert.

The group getting onto the bus [Mitch, Brian, SJ, Me, Reilly, Case, Chris]

Let the hike begin

The hike started with a lot of picture taking [Jeff, Brian, Me, Mitch]


The hike continues

[SJ, Me]



[Me, SJ]

[Mitch, Reilly]

After hiking up some grueling switchbacks we hit the Spine. The hike wasn't over yet.


Life on the edge [Mitch, Reilly, Me]

Taking on the Spine [Chris]

The ascent [SJ, Chris]

View from the top. Don't let the view deceive you. Wind gust were 60mph.

Base camp with the group [Me, SJ, Reilly, Casey, Chris]

Having fun on the descent [Me]

We made it down the Spine just fine [Reilly, Me, Mitch, Jeff, Brian, Casey]
Back to the switchbacks [Reilly, Chris, Brian, Jeff, Mitch, Me, Casey]

We made it [Brian, Chris, Reilly, Me, Casey, SJ]

Everyone was exhausted

That's noting a little In-n-Out can't fix


Lisa said...

WOW...looks like a great time and ended In and Out! A prefect end!

Rob -n- Katie Rasmussen said...

Not that well traveled??? Uh huh. Whatever. Egypt, Italy, Hawaii,....etc.What does that make the rest of us? Silly girl. Looks like you had fun. I like you pics, lots.

Rebekah said...

Awesome pictures!! And I agree with the above comment. Not well traveled my butt!