Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend up North

Quick Weekend Recap...GO!

Thursday (April 1)
I drove up to Provo to go to a retirement party for one of my old BYU professors, Dr. Janetski. The party took place at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures (MPC) which is just south of campus. I know this building (I spent most of my senior year working in there on my thesis) and the people in it (OPA and the my Archaeology professors) way too well.

The party was a lot of fun. I got to see a ton of my old professors, my old bosses, and a lot of my old BYU Archy friends. The best part was when people found out that I was working for Dave and they were really jealous : )

I spent a lot of time talking to one of my old professors about my future and he told me that I should come back to BYU to get my Masters... I guess that's something to think about...

Friday (April 2)
Tiersha and I went to the mall to see my cousin Kasey (who had just gotten engaged) try on her new wedding dress (she looked smokin' hot!). Due to this event, my Aunt Heidi and Uncle Dave and all their kids were there too. It was nice to see my cousins again!

That night I went to dinner with Emily and Lacey (and a bunch of Laceys friends) to celebrate Laceys birthday. I have not seen this girl since before her mission and I was so excited to hang out with her again!

[Lacey and I freshman year at BYU]

Saturday (April 3)
Tiersha and I went shopping all day and that night I went to dinner with just Lacey and Emily. We reminisced about all the good times and didn't stop laughing all through dinner.

After dinner we saw "How to Train your Dragon". Freakin hilarious! If you haven't seen it please do AND make sure you see it in 3-D!

Sunday (April 4)
Happy Easter! Is there a better way to spend your day then going to both sessions of conference?! The talks were amazing, the music was amazing, the spirit was amazing, the company (I went with Emily) was amazing...

Overall it was an awesome weekend!

p.s. Thanks Tiersha for letting me stay with you! AND thanks mom and dad for the Easter present!


Stephanie said...

Cute pic of you & Lacey...oh, the days :)

Lacey Lue said...

SO good to see you. it will happen more often than every other year i hope. and poor boy at olive garden. you were just way too hot for him to handle...

Rach said...

What a busy weekend you had!! Good for you to keep in touch with your good friends! I just love conference too, something to spark a change for good is always welcome :) Getting your masters is a huge undertaking, good luck in your deciding!