Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Job is a Piece of Cake

So pretty much I stand around all day looking for cultural materials while construction workers build a pipeline.

This job may sound boring (and it can be) but it's mostly a lot of fun. There are anywhere from 15-45 people present on the ROW during construction and ALL of them love to chat! There is very rarely a dull moment. Everyone is really friendly and they would never pass up an opportunity to talk to you. I usually can't go more then 30 minutes without someone coming over and striking up a conversation or someone just driving by and waving at me.

[Heidi and I freezing out on the ROW]

I've made some pretty great friends on this pipeline but one of my favorites would have to be a 74-year-old inspector named Zinc. He is a hoot! He has the best stories and he always makes me laugh.

A few days I was watching a track hoe dig the trench and old man Zinc pulls up behind me in his truck.

"Miss Courtney! Get over there!"

I run over.

"Courtney, [he shakes his head] I'm worried about you. You're too skinny! It's windy out here and I'm afraid you are going to blow away! Here I want you to have this."

Right then he pulls out a piece of cake that his wife had made.

"Eat this! It'll help you stay on the ground!"

How could I say no?! A cute old man offering me a piece of homemade cake in the middle of a pipeline ROW... priceless.

So I ate it! And it was delicious!


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Rachel P said...

um...can i PLEASE have your job!

Aubrey said...

you have a great job and boss...very cool. and you got the icying on the cake too!