Friday, August 19, 2011

The big 26!

I had a crazy birthday. I started off at work in Tooele monitoring out on the pipeline.

The crew was excavating in an archaeological site (which is why I had to be there) that happened to be in a chemical dump site. The entire area smelled so bad and we were concerned about Arsenic and Lead poisoning.

I told the crew it was my birthday and I asked them to work as fast (and safe) as possible so that I could go home and be in Cedar for my birthday. The crew finished digging by noon and I was told to go home. Yes! I was so excited to get out of Tooele! I started the long drive home when I got a call from the pipeliners in Mesquite (on the far end of the 400 miles long pipeline). I was informed that I was need out on the line the next day. This was a bitter-sweet deal. As a result I ended up driving from Tooele to Mesquite in one day BUT Josh was working in Mesquite so I got to spend my birthday with him!

I never told Josh what I wanted for my birthday so I was really anxious to see what he got me. It turns out this guy really does listen when I'm talking to him! : )

He got me a Kindle and an old school CA Angels hat!

I had mentioned that I was sick of carrying around all my books (moving is hard when half of your boxes are filled with old books) and he interpreted this to mean that I needed a Kindle. I had never even thought about getting a Kindle but I'm glad he got it for me. I love it. I've already downloaded 26 of the classics and they were all FREE!
And one night we were watching Major League (the movie) and one of the players is wearing an old Angels hat. I mentioned that I would love one of those hats but then never said a word about it again (keep in mind that was months ago). I can't believe he remembered!

I was pleasantly surprised by both my presents.

[Side note: Josh also ordered me and Angels cover for my Kindle and Lord of the Rings in Blu-Ray but they both got lost in the mail... bummer! I'll get them eventually]

After I opened my presents, Josh and I went and got sushi from our favorite place in town.

Over all it was a great day!

I also got a Lakers purse from my parents, a Nightmare Before Christmas scarf from Katey, and a Lush gift card from Ryan and Missy. Thanks everyone!

Too cute huh?! I get tons of compliments!

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Jessica Munk said...

I wanna kindle!! You got the purse!! I guess your parents sure do love you! Happy Birthday!!