Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Work

The Archaeology world slows WAY down during the winter. We can't survey (which is 90% of what we do) because of the snow and we don't have any excavation projects going on at the moment.

The winter is usually "clean up time" for our company. During the snow season we usually catch up on reports, clean the office, work on analysis and curation, etc.

My job this winter has been to shred "sensitive" paper work. We can't just throw out our old reports or site forms because if they fell into the wrong hands the site could be found and looted. In order to prevent this, we shred all of our forms.

Well, we have been busy this year so the shredding got put off and continued to build up over the last year!

I had 12 boxes full of "sensitive" information to shred and two very slow shredders to assist me.

[The boxes]

[My office with the two shredders]

It took me 2 weeks, working about 6 hours a day, to finish this project!

Can't complain. It's a paycheck!

And yes, all the paper was recycled : )

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Leslie Elaine said...

Wow, that's a lot of paper. Good job. I can't stand hearing paper get shred, it just gets to me so to put up with that for 2 weeks!