Monday, October 8, 2012

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sundays around here are usually consists of Josh and I laying around the house watching American Football. Since we are in Bronco Country we very rarely get to see our teams (Packers and Chargers) play unless they are playing the Broncos or are playing on Sunday night. Yesterday, the Packers game wasn't playing on our local TV and the Chargers were playing the night game, so Josh and I decided to go to Denver for the day.

Thanks to Groupon, I got 2 for 1 tickets at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

The gardens we beautiful (nothing compared to Butchart Gardens, of course) and the weather was perfect. It was fun to just stroll around and take pictures!

After exploring the Gardens, we headed to CPK for lunch since Josh was craving a Habanero Carnitas Pizza... go figure ; )

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Emily and Kenny said...

I love that you are getting to explore Denver a little. Next time you're there, if it's in the morning, go stop in at a place called "Snooze". They have the greatest Pineapple pancakes and well everything there is great... I have some great suggestions of places to find food, enteretainment, etc for anymore Sunday's you can get there... love ya! I'll call ya tonight!