Monday, April 7, 2014

Wedding Planning, Black Tanks, and Pearls

Well, things have calmed down a bit here since the last time I posted. We ended up working over 60 days straight before we had a true day off (the life of a pipeliner... Ugh). Now we are down to only 11 hours a day/6 days a week.

The wedding plans are coming along pretty nicely now. The invitations are out, the dress is ordered and scheduled to arrive in the next week, the bridesmaid dresses are being altered, the RSVPs are coming in, Josh is working on the music list, I ordered my jewelry and shoes, etc. It seems like every time I cross something off my list something else gets added to it. It's so expensive and frustrating and I'm happy to announce that I am only doing this ONCE and this will truly be a night to remember :-)

In other news, the black tank on our Raptor was leaking. EEW! So we had to take it to the shop to get it repaired. Of course, they got out of the warranty so we had to pay for it all out of pocket. AND it took over a month to fix it (get it into the shop, evaluate it, have a replacement shipped there, get it into the shop again, install the tank, get it out of the shop)! So we spent a whole month living at the Best Western. The hotel was pretty nice, we got a weekly rate, and when the front desk people noticed that I was leaving for work at 5:00 AM they started putting out breakfast early for me (it usually doesn't start until 6:00 AM). I think the worse part was eating out every single night for dinner. Even though Valparaiso has some really great restaurants, I knew that our wallets and stomachs were taking a hit every time we went out. I was so excited when we finally got the Raptor back and we could cook again!

[I made Josh a tuna and egg sandwich and he LOVED it! Hey, I never said I was a gourmet chef or anything!]

So, how did we get the Raptor back to the RV park without Shorty's truck? Well, I'm glad you asked! While we were stuck in a hotel we bought a truck! Josh looked pretty diligently for a truck and we finally found one that we liked but it was 4 hours away in Wisconsin. So, we both got a day off from work, drove up to Wisconsin in my XTerra, threw some money around, and drove home in a Chevy Silverado. I'm not going to lie, I loved my XTerra. We had some really good times together, but it was time to let her go and move on to bigger and better things. After driving the Silverado around for the last two weeks I must tell you that I am in love! I can't believe I went 10 years without 4 wheel drive, cruise control, an auto starter, and heated seats!



On March 21st, Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We know we have to start over with the count in just two months BUT it's still fun to celebrate! Josh got me some black pearl earrings and a necklace. It was a very awesome surprise considering I mentioned to him two years ago that I liked black pearls and he said that he's wanted to get them for me ever since. I got him some fancy headphones. Men and women are so different ;-) For dinner we went to this little bistro that used to be a house. It was adorable and so delicious! We got the cheese plate appetizer (I don't think Josh likes blue cheese very much), the filet mignon (melt in your mouth amazing), and gelato and cheesecake for dessert. It was such a nice and fun night!

[Selfie #1... fail]

[Selfie #2... good enough!]

I know people are curious about how things are going on the pipeline but I really can't say. We are on a pretty major project and we have to be careful about what goes out to the public. When the job is over I will be able to recap. Right now the pipe is in the ground and is ready for oil. On the surface there is a lot of work to be done. We need to restore the disturbed pipeline right-of-way to its original condition. Which means we will be working a lot with Environmental Inspectors and ROW Agents to make sure everything is put back properly, reseeded, and everyone is happy. This will happen once the frost laws have been lifted and the piggies have cried "wee, wee, wee" all the way home. 


Emily and Kenny said...

Yay! I was so excited when I saw you posted today. SO SO sorry about having to get the Raptor fixed. Why is being an adult so freaking expensive? Love the new Silverado too! I seriously can't wait for yours and Josh's wedding. So happy for you and love the two of you tons! Can't wait to see you in less than 2 months! Ah! Woohoo!

Tiersha Whitmore said...

I remember planning my wedding and it was the same thing, things kept coming up right and left! I didn't even have centerpieces until the week before! And I totally agree...ONCE IS ENOUGH!! haha. I am so excited for you and Josh!!! It's going to be a great day!