Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Luke and Andie's Wedding

I made a quick trip to Utah to attend Luke and Andie's wedding celebration!

I was nervous to ask for time off since I had just been allowed to go home for a week to get married but I figured it would be better to try then not. I asked and my Chief figured things would still be slow so taking a few days off would be fine! Sweet! However, Josh was needed at work... he is more important than I am.

On Thursday, June 19, I headed to the airport to catch my flight to SLC where I would pick up my rental car and then meet everyone at Tucanos for the rehearsal dinner. I was very much looking forward to eating at Tucanos (the grilled pineapple is AMAZING!) and visiting with my family, but then my flight got delayed. And then delayed again. And then delayed again. And again. 2 1/2 hours delay when it was all said and done! 

After sitting at the airport for almost 5 hours (yes, I'm always early), we finally boarded the plane. I was so tired (since I wake up at 3 AM everyday) and all I wanted to do was take a nice long nap, but NOOOOO! that's too much to ask for! The guy next to me wouldn't stop moving, the dudes behind be felt like they needed to be loud and funny (teenagers! *shakes fist*), I got sneezed on (GROSS!), and at the 2 hour mark a baby started screaming. I mean like really screaming! She screamed so loud and so much that it actually made herself hoarse. After listening to that for about 5 minutes I asked the flight attendant how much more time we had. She said about 50 minutes. Five-oh! Fifty minutes! Fifty minutes of that baby screaming and the dudes talking and they guy next to me moving around constantly! Well, at least I was able to sleep for the first two hours because the last 50 minutes was painful!

Anyways, we finally landed, I got my rental, and then headed to the restaurant in Provo. I arrived just a few HOURS late but was welcomed to the room with applause (they all knew the "program" would start once I arrived). I said hi to a few people, joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to my cousin, and grabbed a seat.

My mom and dad, Andie's parents, the "Coto Boys", and Luke and Andie all gave little speeches. It was very nice to hear from everyone. Andie's dad even wrote a poem. It was very cute!

After dinner (no, I didn't get any Tucanos!) we all headed outside where Andie's family put on a dance for us. I think it was impromptu... Who knows? But it's a good thing that family has energy because it takes a lot of that to keep up with the Neilson's!

Next we headed up the Mountain to Park City where my family and I would be staying. I went to my parents hotel and grabbed a bite to eat before heading over to my own hotel.

The next morning (Friday, June 20) my mom and I had appointments to get our hair and makeup done so I went and picked her up and we headed to the salon.

[Beautiful Park City and it's construction!]

After we were done at the salon my mom and I headed down the Mountain to the Provo Temple for the wedding. I sat outside and watched my cousins baby and hung out with my other cousins while the ceremony went on inside.

Once people started to filter outside we knew that the bride and groom would appear shortly so we gathered around the doors and waited.

And then the came out and we all cheered!

[Ryan fixing Luke's tie. What are big brothers for huh?]


[Ryan, Luke, and my dad]

[me and Luke]

[Missy and Brady]

[Getting a cute picture with my SIL and nephew]

[Brady was struggling while we were at the temple]

[Andie and her parents]

[Luke, Andie, and my parents]

[Luke and the groomsmen]

[The Coto Boys: Kevin, Luke, and Kody. Friends Forever!]

[Luke and the adorable baby Dane]

[Luke and Andie with their parents]

[Missy, my mom, and I. Can you tell we all struggled with the sun? It was very bright and hot!]

[Helping out our new sister]


[Me, my mom, Andie, and Missy]

After pictures at the Provo Temple we went over to Cafe Rio (YUM!) for lunch with some of the Neilson cousins. I love Cafe Rio and I get excited when I get to go to CA or UT because it's always on my list of places to eat!

We had some time to kill after lunch so we went over to my Aunt and Uncles house in Alpine to hang out and take naps.

Then we went to the reception at this cute little garden place in Alpine. They had a nautical/Disneyland theme going on and it was so cute! Andie's dress had a princess-feel to it and it was perfect for her!

[Table center pieces with sand from Newport Beach, CA]

[Me and baby Dane]

[Mom helping dad]

[Pictures inside were easier to take]

[Ryan, Missy, and baby Dane]

[Luke and Andie]

A lot of people I knew came to the wedding and it was a lot of fun to chat and catch up with everyone especially one of my oldest friends Jessica!

[Trying to capture a cute moment with Jessica and baby Dane]

[Dane's face is classic!]

[There you go!]

"The Line" went from about 7-8:30 and then Luke and Andie cut the cake. And yes, they had a Disney cake topper :-)

Then the group moved into another room where they had the father/daughter and mother/son dance.

[My mom and Luke]

And then the dance party started!

After just a few minutes of dancing, the group headed outside to send off Luke and Andie. They passed out sparklers and Luke and Andie walked through the row of people, got into their car, and headed off! I love my new SIL and I am so happy for the both of them!

My family and I had planned on spending all day Saturday (June 21) in Park City having fun but my body decided that that wasn't an option. 

We all got up and met at Kneaders for breakfast (DELICIOUS!). After enjoying our french toast we decided to go to the Outlets for a little shopping. The Outlets were literally a mile away from Kneaders but the construction was so outrageous that we decided to can that idea and to just head up to Main Street.

My mom, dad, and I strolled around Main Street for a few minutes when I started to feel really light headed and nauseated. I sat for a few minutes and then thought I was fine so we continued walking. I was wrong. I needed to throw-up and I couldn't wait. My dad steered me into an ally way but to my horror I saw the Banksy! It was the same one I took a picture with in 2011 and I couldn't puke in front of it! I moved to the opposite wall and the rest is history. I hate throwing up, especially in public, but I had no choice. You understand, right?!

[Me and baby Brady in front of the Banksy in 2011]

After that episode we went and got some tea and I thought I was feeling better but it just kept with me.

[The No Name Saloon on Main Street]

My parents ended up taking me back to their hotel room where I slept and had flu-like symptoms for the next few hours. When my dad mentioned to me that we were going to go to Ruth's Chris for dinner I tried so hard to feel better but in the end I surrendered. You know I've only been to Ruth's Chris once? My mom and dad took me there to celebrate my High School graduation . I still talk about the creme brulee and the steak! YUM!

I just ended up going back to my hotel while my family went out to dinner. Turns out their night wasn't that great and the restaurant wasn't really up to the Ruth's Chris standard. So I didn't really miss out.

The next morning we were all heading home. My mom and dad drove home to CA and Ryan, Missy, the kids, and I went to the airport to catch our flights. Ryan had to drive me in my rental car because I still wasn't feeling well. I felt so weak and tired!

[Ryan and Missy got me the "Got Oxygen" magnet from Park City. Very appropriate]

The flight home wasn't the best. I sat behind a mother and her two-year old and in front of said mothers two young daughters (probably ages 7 and 9?). The mother kept telling the kids to be quiet when they weren't being loud but when they were whistling and singing Frozen and arguing who would be a better Elsa, she didn't make a peep. Strange. Oh well. I didn't have any flu-like symptoms while on the plane so I count that as a victory. 

I landed in Chicago got my truck and then started the 1 1/2 hour drive home. I got about 30 minutes from home when my stomach started cramping. I tried to keep going but I was forced to stop at a truck stop that was only 20 minutes from the Raptor. I had a fever, I was shaking, and my whole body was cramping. I called Josh and asked him to come and get me. While I waited for him I seriously considered asking strangers for help. I was in so much pain and I couldn't walk. I was extremely dehydrated and needed something to drink but I couldn't even get out of my truck. Right before Josh arrived I started throwing up, my vision was blurry, and the world was spinning. Josh arrived after what seemed like an hour (it wasn't) and I asked him to get me some Gatorade. He ran into the truck stop and got me two! We sat there for the next hour trying to get my body working again. 

We finally decided to try and drive home. I made it on one piece and then took some meds, ate some bread, and crawled into bed.

It's been a few days now and I am still having stomach issues and my energy is low but things are getting better. I know it sounds like flu (it could be) but I am pretty sure I just can't handle that much altitude change in such a short amount of time. Bummer. I was reading online about it and they said that most who get altitude sickness get it when they go over 8,000 feet from their current altitude. There is medication you can get for it. I think I am going to talk to my Dr if we decide to go to Peru. Macchu Picchu is at 8,000 feet and I am NOT missing out on that adventure!

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Lindsey said...

I had HORRIBLE altitude sickness in Peru! Did you fly home on Sunday?? I was driving though Chicago on Sunday! Small world!