Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fitbit and Wedding Presents

I got a Fitbit Charge HR for myself as a late Christmas present. I wear it and use it everyday and I LOVE it! 

I use to have the Flex but it doesn't track your heart rate (everything is done by motion), so when I go to my spinning classes it doesn't realize that I am working out since my arm is not moving.

The Charge HR tracks your steps, heart rate, mileage, calories burned, and stairs climbed. It sets goals for you and it is easy to view how close you are to obtaining your goals by either looking at your wrist or by using your phone.

Here are my results from yesterday:

The Fitbit actually chose goals for me based on my weight and how much I want to lose. You can, of course, adjust these. As you can see, I reached all of my goals yesterday! 10,949 out of 10,000 steps, 5 out of 5 miles, 3031 out of 2184 calories burned, 12 out of 10 floors, and 99 out of 30 very active minutes. I make an effort to reach my goals everyday and I haven't failed yet :-)

The other nice thing about Fitbit is that it can be linked with Weight Watchers. So WW automatically pulls in your activity and turns it into "Points" that you can either use or ignore.

As you can see, I'm having a great time with my Fitbit :-)

In other news, Josh and I got some more wedding presents today! My amazing friends Sam and Laura MADE us these super awesome Lakers and Packers blankets. They are large and VERY warm. I always use a blanket when I am watching TV or sitting around the Raptor or eating dinner (yes, it's cold here). Josh keeps teasing me about how old my other blanket is and how I need to get rid of it (he's right, of course ;-)) and now I finally can. Thanks so much Sam and Laura!


Haylee said...

Fun post! I love reading your blog! I am excited about your new fit bit! I have a fit bit flex, but we should still be fit bit pals! (Even though you will TOTALLY waste me!) If you want to add me, I'm haygunner :)

Leslie Elaine said...

Great job making your goals!!

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