Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Time in Ohio

We ended up staying at my parents house for a week and we had a great time!

The first night we were there we babysat my adorable nephews: B and Baby D.

I bought them Halloween cards and stickers (the boys love mail) and they had a lot of fun putting the stickers on their faces and wearing the pumpkin mask. 

We played (Josh loves to wrestle with the boys) and had pizza for dinner. YUM! We even bought a cookie and bribed the boys with it :-) 

"Eat one more bite and you can have a cookie!"

[B got a hold of my phone! Silly kid!]

During the rest of the week we carved pumpkins,

went through our storage unit boxes and found some great things,

[Snow Cones shirt we made during an archaeological excavation]

[My Wii]

[My Beanie Babies]

[Archaeology stuff]

went to Skyline Chili (a local treat),

went to the ward trunk or treat,

[Seriously the cutest monster ever!]

 went to Findlay Market,

ate at The Eagle (the best fried chicken I have ever had!),

played with the Wii, finalized our trip itinerary, ate Chili on Halloween, stayed up until 1:30 AM to watch the Lakers season opener (which they lost), 

made and signed our Wills,

went trick or treating with my nephews, 

[The cutest Monster]

[My parents neighborhood is very nice. They only allow trick or treating between 6 and 8. I think it's a great idea!]

[Nephew B and his friend]

[Super cute nephews!]


passed out candy with the Monster,

and celebrated Fall!

We stayed through Halloween and then headed back home to Indiana Monday morning! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting stay for so long! We will see you at Christmas!

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