Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our own person air show

I am currently working in the middle of nowhere... seriously there is nothing out here in Tooele, UT. It's the Barren Wasteland, my friends. We hike and hike all day, we maybe come across a rusted can or a glass bottle, but other then that there is nothing to see out here. 

But this week things changed! I saw a new born baby cow! Yes that's right! This is the highlight of my job (ok I'm joking). This cow JUST gave birth and we were able to catch a glimpse of its baby! It was so cute and I had the honor of naming him Lenny. So Lenny was just barely walking when I took this picture... he's a little wobbily, but he's learning! : )

So here's the real highlight of my day:

Not to far from where we are hiking there is an Air Force Base and these beautiful F-16s fly over us all the time! Its crazy! We are constantly having to cover our ears because they are flying so low over head and a few times we felt "sonic booms"! If you have never felt one its a pretty strange feeling; it just hits you in the chest and knocks you over a little bit but it is totally worth it. 

Today we got to see a dog fight (thats when the jets circle each other and do flips and all types of maneuvers to get away from each other... or something like that). The jets got really close to the ground and we all just stopped walking to watch the show.

So, finding rusted cans is not so boring after all... But it would be nice to find some prehistorics once in a while : )

p.s. Here are some pictures from work

View from the top of the world! This is my tribute to Delta, UT.

This is how I look everyday. I found the safety goggles while we were working close to an active limestone mine in Delta, UT. I wear them for protection against the sun and other natural elements.

Since I get all dirty and dress like a construction worker everyday I figured it would be nice to show how much of a lady I really am.


Ryan and Missy said...

Haha, I love that last random picture of the sexy pointy toe shoes!

Meg said...

I need to rethink life! I totally picked the wrong profession! Love those shoes by the way! Where in the UK are you going??

Cheryl said...

Cool! I love seeing random livestock give birth. Okay, not really, but that's still cool!

What if the jets think you are the enemy and shoot at you? That would definitley be one for the journal...

Arlene said...

Love the calf. He does look a little wobbily. Loved the shoes!!!!

Tiersha said...

Cute shoes. Looks like something Melissa would do ;) Glad you are liking your job!