Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lakers (what else?) and upcoming post

Right now I am watching the Laker/Jazz game. Lakers are up 34 to 26. Does that shock anyone? 

It shouldn't. 

I think its funny how people blog about American Idol and The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor, and Im sitting here writing about the Lakers.  


That is what the crowd is cheering right now! They are talking about the skilled Kobe Bryant. He is the shiz!

I can't blog right now... as you can see Im a little distracted... Nice shot Pau... Time-out Jazz...

Upcoming topics:
**Note: These are not in any kind of order
(1) The Lakers - Cause they are amazing

(2) Evolution - I recently had a cousin of mine e-mail me and ask me to explain evolution to her. I think it's an interesting topic that a lot of people claim to understand but, alas, they don't.
(3) Global warming - I hate how we are listening to stupid politicians and not to scientist
(4) Um... movies? Yea movies! I've seen a lot of good ones lately and I will share my reviews of them with you.

(5) I've had to say good-bye to a lot of my friends. Some of us have been buddies all through college. I will miss them so much! I'll post pictures.


Thanks for reading : )


Trapp Family said...

Jeff says....way to represent!!! Maybe you should move back here so you can really enjoy them!!!

And plus you crack me up!!!

Courtney N said...

Oh I am totally enjoying the Lakers and I am going to totally represent at the game this friday!! Look for me on TV! I may be hard to see cause we'll be way up in the nose-bleed... oh well...

Cheryl said...

GO LAKERS!! We watched the game yesterday, too!

Cristina said...

hey old roomie! i found your blog off of emily's and i just wanted to say hey!