Monday, November 10, 2008

Life's little dilemmas

I keep telling myself that I don't need to date, I don't need to get married, I don't need to have babies, I need to focus on my life and my job, I am a strong independent woman that doesn't need anyone... But then I find myself crying when the Pampers Diaper commercials come on (true story). 

On Halloween I went on a Haunted train ride with my co-workers (we were stuck in the field and had nothing else to do). The train was full of super cute kids in their little costumes. My favorite was this little guy dressed up like Elvis (don't worry his mom was fine with us taking a picture of him):

We made friends with one little girl (Sierra... I think) that was dressed up like a pirate. She was there with her uncle (he was probably 17) and her little baby sister, Nyah. My co-workers were so cute with the girl. Siera would try to scare the guys and to play along the guys would jump and act scared and then the little girl would laugh and run away. It was too cute! I couldn't help but stare at the precious, sleepy baby. As the train ride went on you could just see her getting more and more tired until eventually she fell asleep in her uncles arms. 

Nyah... thats a cute name : ) Ill have to add it to the list. Yes, I have a list. I've had one since before I could write.


Tiersha said...

No babies for me, thank you very much ;)

Aubrey Olivia said...

courtney, you are going to be a GREAT wife, and mother one day....count on it!