Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am losing faith in the human race

I received word (from a person named Goober 2) that horrible, untrue things are being said about me behind my back (wait, am I still in high school?!). This made me frustrated; obviously, but not for the reasons you are probably thinking of. I was angry with the person (let's call him Goober 1) that said the mean things, of course, but it doesn't shock me that he said them. G1 hates me and if talking bad about me behind my back helps him to sleep at night then so be it. I was more mad at the person (G2) that came and told me what G1 had said. Why? Because, first of all, I don't need to hear about it when people say mean things about me behind my back. If someone has a problem with me then come and say it to my face. Then at least I can defend myself. Second, I was angry because G2 didn't stand up for me. This is not the first time that G2 has come to tell me that G1 has been saying things about me behind my back. Last time it happened I asked G2 if he would stand up for me next time. Did he do it? No, of course not. Why? Because he is a coward. 
So what were these mean, untrue things that were being said? Here is one example: a while back I hurt my foot hiking in the Narrows. G1 claims that I am faking my injury to get out of work. Wait?! What?! You don't have to have an MD to know that I was hurt. Did you see the pictures? Did you see my feet? I couldn't put on my hiking boots for almost a month because my ankles were so swollen and bruised! But yeah, I'm totally faking it. Right sure. Do you want to call my podiatrist and ask him yourself. The Dr told me that I would eventually have to have surgery on my foot because my tendons are strained. But yeah, I'm totally faking it. I have blisters from my injury, STILL, and it's been more then two months. But yeah, Im totally faking it. 

So why am I so mad? 

It's not what's being said behind my back that is making me angry (ok, wait, it is because they are lies), but it is also G2's inability to stand up for me. Does this mean that G2 believes G1? Does this mean that he believes all these lies too? G2 is supposed to be my friend (he claims that) but he's not my friend. A friend would stand up for me. A friend would protect me. A friend would do what's right and defend me. G2 is a coward. He is afraid to stand up for what he knows is right. I don't trust G2. I have no reason to. He is no friend of mine and he is just as bad as G1. 

What is G2 afraid of? What would G1 do if G2 stood up to him for me? Nothing. Would could G1 do? G1 is lying about me and G2 would be defending me. All G2 would have to say is, "Hey G1, I saw her ankles and I'm sure she is not faking it. Remember how she went to the Dr? Remember how he said that she needs to stay off her ankle for a while? Remember how he is a Dr and probably knows better then you do?! So back off!" Okay, maybe that is asking a little too much but something along those lines would have been nice.

I always believed that it is easier to stand up for someone else then it is to stand up for yourself. 

So please, be a good friend. Stand up for the people that you love and respect. Or you will feel my wrath! Or not, I'm really not a mean person.

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Ariel said...

Bravo Courtney! Good friends never should say things behind your back and should always stick up for you. I recently has an experience where I found out some close friends had been talking trash about me. It sucked, because I consider myself a good person and friend. Life goes on though and eventually you find out the people who really are your friends. I'll definitely stick up for you in the unlikely event that I hear someone talking crap about you.

On another note I hope your ankle is doing okay. A lot of people discount ankle injuries as minor, but they are definitely not. Ever since I snapped some ligaments in my ankle back in march I've still had problems with it. Sometimes I wonder if it is ever going to heal....anyway take care girl and have a great week!