Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Colors of Courtney

You know what we did in college when we were bored? 

Dyed my hair.

My hair has been black, blue, purple, red, and brown (light, dark, and natural). It has been long, short, straight, and curly. 

Here are the most common of the many Courtney hairstyles:

short, straight, and black

Long, wavy/curly, red
(p.s. this is Adam and he is a goober)

long, straight, and natural brown (current)

I really need a change. I've had my hair my natural color for almost 2 years (CRAZY!) and its been the same style for a while too... So I'm considering a change. Do you agree? 

What shall I do?


Brendon and Stephanie said...

The red is WAY cute! I remember you dying your hair often. Oh, memories!

I'm getting anxious for a change myself, but I don't mess with color these days, just the length.

Have fun changing your hairdo.

Ariel said...

I've never had the courage to dye my hair, but I've always wanted to! You should dye your hair brownish-red!

Ryan and Missy- said...

I LOVE the red and wavy. I've always wanted red, but I'm too scared.

~ Jamie ~ said...

PINK!!! :)

Jessica Munk said...

I like it shorter, and I love the red or the dark color!

Rachie said...

I like it shorter too! And the red is very flattering! Good for you for being so brave, and laid back enough to roll with it.

Lisa said...

Good Red!!! You'll look great!
Go for it, a change is always good :)

emilie s. d. p. said...

I like it long and wavyish and I think it would be super cute a dark/brownish/red...that's more like the three styles combined...but I just couldn't decide, they all look great on you.