Sunday, February 8, 2009

What A Weekend

This weekend started off with me going snowboarding with my parents. I've been snowboarding once since I hurt my knee a few years ago. Because of this, I knew I would be a little rusty. Luckily for me, I have patient parents that were willing to deal with me and my inability to snowboard like I use to.

We skied and snowboarded saturday at the Park City Resort. I remember going here when I was just a kid. The mountain is beautiful and you couldn't have asked for a better day.

I'm glad that my knee didn't give me any trouble, but once my ankle started to swell up I knew it was time to call it quits. Plus, it wasn't long before my mom came tumbling down the hill after me and got put on the injury list (thats sports talk). She ended up falling and jamming her thumb and, long story short, she wasn't able to hold her poles any more so we had to call it for the day.

That night we met up with my cousin Michelle, Dan (her husband), and their two adorable kids at the Main Street Pizza and Noodle restaurant in downtown Park City. I live close to my cousins so I get to see them more often then my parents do. But it was nice for us all to catch up. 

Sunday was a relaxing day. We slept in, ate breakfast, and walked around Park City. It was snowing pretty hard and we knew the Laker vs Cleveland game was about to start so we found a nice Sports Bar to eat lunch in. After watching the Spurs beat the Celtics (the Lakers beat Boston earlier in the week in overtime) 

we began watching what we knew would be an amazing game. 

The Cavaliers had not lost a home game this season and they have one of the best records in the NBA. But did that stop the Lakers from taking them down?!

No way! Thanks to Odom and the rest of the Lakers, we were able to complete our 6 game road winning streak by beating the Cavs at home!

If the Lakers can beat the Cavs and Boston without Andrew Bynum (he got hurt a few games ago) AND with Kobe being sick with the flu, then what's going to stop us from taking the title this year?!

This weekend was a ton of fun! Thanks mom and dad for taking me snowboarding. You guys can come and visit anytime!

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Ariel said...

ugg I'm so jealous you went snowboarding!!! I haven't even been once this season!