Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving and Vegas

I really had no intention of driving all the way home for Thanksgiving. I mean, it's a six and a half hour drive (one way) for one day of food, family, and football. So instead of driving all the way south I decided to spend the holiday with Emily in Vegas (her parents are serving a mission in Cambodia) because she didn't have anywhere to go.

I got a call from Emily a few days before Thanksgiving explaining that her boyfriends parents felt bad for her and bought her a plane ticket to Idaho so she could spend Thanksgiving with them.

"Well there goes my plans... I guess I'm off to LA!"

My parents were hosting Thanksgiving this year.... you know what that means? 40 Neilsons under one roof!

We had a great time eating, watching football, and catching up. Sadly, a lot of my married cousins and their kids couldn't be there. We will see them at Christmas!

[Grandkids with Papa and Nana]

[Watching the game]

[Me, Tiersha, Josh, Missy]

[Papa and Nana with their 8 kids and spouses]

On my way back from LA I stopped in Vegas to have a "Night-out-on-the-Strip" with Emily.

Here's a run down of the night:
Got hit on by creepy guys with awkward pickup lines
Almost ran over a "child" (ok, he was a punk kid who was holding a parking spot... so not cool)
Played Blackjack at New York New York (won some money)
Played Craps (lost the money I won)
Saw Zumanity
Was told "I love you" by some guy in the Belligao
Got VIP passes to a club called Prive
Made it to bed by 3am

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Jessica Munk said...

Sounds like a great time! I would look like a dwarf if I were in that last picture. You need someone in there to show scale ;) And your dad is even one of the shorter men!! Wow! Miss you guys!