Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vegas Wedding

One of my best friends just got married in Vegas. Here are some picture from that weekend...

12.18 - Bachelorette Party Day

The day started with some mani-pedis
[Shanda, Katey, Emily]

Then lunch with the girls
[Coleen, Emily, Shanda, Katey]

We dressed up Katey for the night
[Emily, Katey]

And then headed to Macaroni Grill for dinner
[Katey, Emily, Shanda, Coleen]

Of course, we drew on the table

Coleen and her dinosaur...

My contribution to the beautiful artwork

[Katey, Emily, Shanda, Coleen]

12.19 - Wedding Day

All the girls got up early and went over to Katey's to get ready for the big day

[Emily, Coleen]

The bride getting ready
[Shanda, Katey]

[Me and my cute slippers]

All ready
[Katey, Courtney]

[Chad, Shanda, Emily, Katey (bride), Paul (groom), Dianna, Coleen]

The little white chapel on Bonanza

They got married!
[Katey, Paul]

Bridesmaids hugging the bride

Bride and her maids
[Courtney, Katey, Shanda, Emily]

[Coleen, Adam, Emily, Courtney]

[Hot shoes]

Cutting the cake
[Katey, Paul]

I got to put the garter on Katey
[Katey, Courtney]

Of course I caught the bouquet

Bridesmaids all dressed up
[Shanda, Emily, Courtney]

Friends at the reception
[Leslie, Evan, Adam, Coleen, Katey, Skyler, Kim]

We loved how the 5" heels made our legs look
[Emily, Courtney]

Katey loves our legs too
[Emily, Courtney, Katey]

Me and my girls!
[Courtney, Katey, Emily]

Congrats to Katey and Paul!

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Cristina said...

Congrats Katey!! All you girls looked gorgeous!