Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day With My Two Studly Men

Remember this post? Well you should. It's right above this one : )

Anyways, the swing that Josh put together was finally put to use over the weekend by this cute kid:

[Josh and the babe]

[Showing off all that hair]

[Cute smile]

[Playing airplane]

[Watching cartoons]

[Floor time]

[He loves Buzz]

[Definitely his father's son]

[Pooped out after a fun day]

I can't believe how cute this kid is. We only had him for a few hours but he was laughing and smiling the ENTIRE time! It's crazy how much I love him.

Just for fun. Here's another cute picture of me and Josh while we were in Wisconsin:


Aubrey said...

1st- I can not believe the hair on the babe!! crazy and cute!
2nd- you and josh look great!

Joe and Megan Karlsven said...

That baby has a ton of hair. How are you? Are you still in Utah? How long have you and Josh been dating? I am so behind on your life. I miss a few posts and don't know anything with your life.

Courtney N said...

Megan! I'm doing just great, as you can see : ) I'm still living in Cedar City. I've been here over 2 years now. Josh and I have been together almost 7 months. It's been great! I love reading your blog too! You should post more!

Jamie said...

He is so cute! I love his crazy hair! Cant' wait to meet Josh some time soon. :) Love you!