Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lake Mountain

I've been really busy lately because I've been running a huge 5000 acre survey project around Lake Mountain, UT.

When I was informed that I would be leading this project I was both excited and nervous but I like to be challenged and I knew I would be able to handle it in one way or another.

Our first few days of hiking were pretty burley. The terrain is unforgiving and the weather was terrible. To make matters worse I fell hard on my left knee and ended up getting a "bone bruise".

I went to the Dr. and it turns out that bruises can be worse then breaks. I'm out for the rest of the season while my knee heals.

I'm so upset that my knee got hurt because I want to be out there with my crew so badly! I just need to be patient and let it heal...

So, now I spend my day either in the hotel room, at the Dr. office, or at physical therapy. Even though I'm injured I do continue to work. I spend my time in the hotel room writing the report and keeping the crew organized. It's not too much fun but I gotta pay the bills!

Not much has been found on the survey, but we're gonna keep looking!

[Biface tool]

[A cadastral marker from 1918]

[A mine adit]

On another note, Josh and I are heading to Houston, TX this week so that he can take a class and a test to become a coating inspector. He's been studying so hard and just wants to get this test over and done with. I've never been to Texas so while Josh is at class I'm just gonna check out the city. I'll post about this next!

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