Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Photo Project

I came across a box of my old photos from 6th - 12th grade last month and decided that I needed to digitize them.

So, this is how I've been spending my nights over the last few weeks:

[Pictures in folders]

[Scanning the pictures in my PJs]


[Nothing beats the support you get from your loving boyfriend]

It's actually been a lot of fun going through my old pictures. Some of them have brought back some great memories; others, not so much.

The process is long and I'm only half way done, but I'm excited to have all my pictures digitized!

Here's a sneak peak of some of my pictures:

6th Grade
[My cousin Michelle and I]

[My friends in 6th grade]

7th Grade
[Aubrey, Jessica, and Stephanie]

8th Grade
[Aubrey, Cassidy, Jessica, and I in costume for Alice in Wonderland]

9th Grade
[Me and Tiersha - School photos]

[Me, Aubrey, and Kelly on our way to a Backstreet Boys concert]

[Justin, Ryan, and Aubrey at EFY - Summer 2000]


Tiersha said...

Oh man that is so fun. I need to do that with all my photos. Maybe when I'm not working after the baby...

Abby said...

Awesome photos!! The ones of you and Tiersha are what you looked like when Jeff and I started dating in high school.
I need to do this. As soon as Jeff buys me a computer!!

Allison said...

Totally went to a BSB concert too! Cute pics. I bet it's so fun to look at them, and what a smart idea to scan them so you have a digital copy. Why couldn't they have come out with digital cameras sooner... :)

khill said...

Ha! I love the old photos. I want to see more! Also, you are so smart for taking the time to do that. I need to do the same.