Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bye-Bye Beanie Babies

When I was a kid, I (with the help of my mom) collected Beanie Babies. I loved them! I loved putting them in their own cases and putting them up on my shelf over my bed. I loved checking their names off of the official Beanie Babies list when I got a new one. I loved waiting in line for HOURS just to buy one!

It was a fun hobby that ended with Beanies no longer being collector items. As a result I have decided to donate my collection to Beanies for Babies.

I (with the help of Josh) went through all my boxes and made an inventory. I picked out a few that I am going to keep and the rest of them (350 total) were sent to children who will love them just as much as I did.

[Typing up an inventory]

[In my SUV, getting ready to be shipped off]

Josh told me that his Grandma collects Elephant things so I kept Peanut and I am sending it to her in Wisconsin.

I was sad to see them go but I know that it is for a good cause!

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Leslie Elaine said...

Wow, you really did have a lot! I never had that many. Do you know they have new Ty beanie babies? They have huge eyes, which makes them a little creepy.