Thursday, August 16, 2012

Impromptu Vacation

Ever since my parents moved to Balboa Island they have been telling Josh and me to come and visit them. Work was busy and money was tight so we kept putting the potential trip off. Then my work hit a “lull”, so Josh and I decided to go and visit my family in CA! The timing was perfect because we would be there over my birthday AND Ryan, Missy, and baby Brady would be there too!

[Dad, Brady, and Mom]


[Ryan and Brady]

 It was a very nice and relaxing week.

We went on a boat ride around the harbor with my Grandparents (complete with Sprinkles Cupcakes!)


[The boat]

[Missy, Brady, and Ryan]

[The Captain and First Mate]

[Brady and Mom]

[Sweet guy with a jet pack]

[Me and Josh]
We went to a childhood friends wedding reception where I ran into some high school friends

We watched A LOT of the Olympics

We went on walks around the Island to get Balboa Bars (YUM!)

We went to the Orange County Fair and got a fried Reses Peanut Butter Cup!

We went to Crab Cooker with Ryan and Missy

I had lunch with Missy, Brady, Tiersha, Desiree, Ethan, and Ellie at Islands

I had a birthday lunch at BJs with Missy, Ryan, Brady, Josh, my mom, and my Aunt Myrna (complete with Pizookies!)

We had a BBQ at my parents house with some old high school friends

And we went to dinner at Mastros with my family for my and my mom’s birthday! The food was so amazing and the dessert was to die for!

AND When I got back home I had this treasure waiting for me!

Thanks Emily!

I guess my parents were right about how much fun visiting the Island was! Thanks for such a fun week!

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