Saturday, September 8, 2012


After 3 weeks of packing and organizing, hours of loading the truck, and 11 hours of driving, I finally made it to Colorado!!

Here's how it all went down:

I spent a lot of time going through all of our things, putting items aside that I was going to donate, and packing the rest in totes. 

I stacked all of the totes in the front room so they would be easier to move when the time came. 

I then rented a 14 ft truck and trailer so that I could tow my XTerra while I moved.

Thanks to the help of my friends we were able to pack the truck full in no time at all!

The next morning I got up early, filled the truck with gas, and headed off.


I have to admit, I was nervous. Not only was I driving a huge truck with a trailer but I was driving on a highway that I was not familiar with. I was warned by a few people that the drive was beautiful but had a few steep and shady parts. I took their advice to heart and decided to give myself PLENTY of time to get to Colorado before the sun went down. 

Long story short, I made it! I drove slowly and took my time. My friends were right, the drive was beautiful and steep. At one point I was going 35 mph and getting passed by everyone, but I stayed in the right hand lane, put my flashers on, and kept chugging along.

When I finally arrived in Fort Morgan I was greeted by Josh and these beautiful flowers!

I'm pretty proud of myself. I can't believe that I went all that way by myself! Wahoo! 

The next day (Sunday), Josh and I unloaded the truck into our little storage unit. It took some real skills but we made it all fit into a 5 by 10 by 10 storage unit.


We then took the rest of the stuff back to the hotel and unpacked. 

We are currently staying at a hotel which has weekly rates and kitchens in the rooms. It's a little expensive but hopefully we will only be here for a few weeks.

It's been one heck of an adventure so far! Here's to many more!


Emily and Kenny said...

Yay! So glad you are safe! And I'm proud of you making that drive... I get nervous just in my car! Haha! Love you hoho!

Allison said...

You are BRAVE! And way to drive how you felt comfortable, regardless of the people passing you :) Glad you made it there okay!