Thursday, February 14, 2013


My little brother, Luke, has been serving a mission for the LDS church for the last two years in MONTANA and he is coming home THIS MONTH! That's right! 

In exactly two weeks from today I will get to see him!

I will be leaving the Great White North and heading to California on February 26th to spend two weeks with my family. I am excited that we will all be together but sad that Josh can't come (it's hard to get time off when you have only been at your new job for 6 weeks [which we are TOTALLY grateful for BTW]).

Here's a list of things I need to do while I'm in CA:
Eat at Cafe Rio
Go to Disneyland
See my family
Go to the beach
See my CA friends
Play with my adorable nephew
Eat at In-n-Out
Rest, relax, and NOT BE COLD

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY LUKE! See you soon!

And P.S. We will be greeting Luke at John Wayne Airport at 1:05 PM on Feb 28th (Thursday). All are welcome to come!


Lacey said...

Crazy that he is coming home already! I'm so excited for you to see him and not be freezing. Sometimes just reading your blog makes me cold. Love you!

Cheryl said...

Hooray for Luke coming home!! I wish we could be there. *sniff But my parents will be! Tell the big lug we love him. :)

Tiersha Whitmore said...

Cafe Rio!! Yum! You forgot to add Sprinkles cupcakes to your list ;)