Friday, March 22, 2013

Computer Problems

I went home to CA for two weeks and I can't blog about it because my beautiful, 5-year-old Macbook is broken, again. My pictures are on my external hard drive but it is a Mac external hard drive so it isn't compatible with Josh's PC (which is what I am using right now).

A few days before I was heading to CA my computer decided to have a mental breakdown. The keyboard stopped working, it wouldn't turn on, it wouldn't turn off, it wouldn't charge, it would charge and overheat, etc. 

So, I decided to take my broken Macbook to CA with me so that I could have the nerds at the Apple Store fix it. I arrived in CA, took my computer in, got it diagnosed by the nerds, and they sent it off to be fixed. A few days later I received a call that it was all better! Yeah! They ended up replacing the entire keyboard and frame, installing a new battery, and a bunch of other things. AND it only ended up costing me $290 (which is a lot cheaper then buying a new $1200 Macbook). I was so excited! And one of the guys at Apple told me that it should last a lot longer if I take good care of it. DONE! : )

Well, I spent the next two weeks in CA (I'll blog about later), and then came home to ND. The Sunday after I got back, Josh actually had the day off. I was excited, but honestly I wasn't use to having him around all day. So, I did what I usually did: sat on the couch, watched TV, and played on my Macbook. When I was done using the computer I put it on the ground next to me. Big mistake! I ran off to take a shower and then CRACK! Josh stepped on my Mac : (


It was my fault. Who leaves a $1200 Macbook on the floor? This goober does. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried. I really did.

So, I took it to a computer place in Minot (no Apple Stores around here) and they just called and told me it would cost over $350 just to fix the screen AND it won't be ready until next week sometime! Ugh! I'm so mad! I can't believe I did that! 

Once I get my computer back I am going to take such good care of it and I'll catch up on my blogging!

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