Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two Weeks in Paradise

My parents live on Balboa Island. They live there! Most people vacation there (or near there), but my parents LIVE there! It's awesome!

I spent two weeks in Southern CA with my family and I had a blast! The only bad part was that Josh had to work so he couldn't come : (

Here's a list of what the two weeks consisted of:

-We rented a Duffy Boat and cruised around Balboa Island (complete with sandwiches and Sprinkle Cupcakes)

[Sea Lions]

[My dad, me, and Brady]

-Luke, Missy, and I got Disneyland passes so we spent a few FUN days at the Parks with our cousins

[The Group - we were outnumbered by the kids but it was a BLAST!]

[Me and Charlotte]

-Luke and I went to Disneyland one day by ourselves for "Big Kid Day"

[Us on Splash Mountain]

[Luke is awesome! And loves Star Wars!]

-We had a birthday party for Luke and Brady

-We went on daily walks around the Island

- I ate a lot of fruit! Yes, this is a HUGE deal because there is no fresh fruit to be found in North Dakota!

I'm sure there are other things I am forgetting but overall it was a great trip and I miss my family already!

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