Monday, January 6, 2014

Work Update

Work has been rolling along just fine. It's hard and busy but that's the way the pipeliner world is.

Right before Thanksgiving we decided to pick a charity and raise money for them during the holiday season. We picked Toys for Tots and chose a goal of $5000 (or about 250 toys). I made a giant thermometer and hung it on the board for everyone to see. The toys and donations started pouring in and we were half way to our goal within a week!

As December rolled on our donations grew and grew!

[We needed another table]

[The Toys for Tots representatives that came and got the toys] 

[We raised $7000 (487 toys)] 

I am amazed at how much we raised. These pipeliners are great, hardworking, family men who opened their hearts and wallets in order to give some kids a Christmas. I love giving! What an amazing experience!

Suzi was coughing A LOT at work and we finally figured out it was from all the smoke that comes in with the paperwork (a lot of the Inspectors smoke). So she got a mask! Problem solved!

Here are some pictures from the ROW:

On January 6, 2014 Northwestern IN was put in a "State of Emergency". The days leading up to the Arctic Blast dropped over a foot of snow and then dropped into subzero temperatures. Roads were closed and people were encouraged to stay at home. We broke the record today with the lowest daytime temperature recorded: -16 (with -45 wind chill). I feel like North Dakota followed me here!

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