Sunday, November 24, 2013

Work Selfie on "Timesheet/Disco Saturday"

I don't take a lot of "selfies" but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day at work and thought I would capture the moment. 

First, let me tell you that I am responsible for doing 95 timesheets for the inspection crew every other week. What happens is this: 

Wednesday - I send out an email telling everyone I need their mileage and hours worked by noon on Friday.
Thursday - I announce in the morning meeting that mileage and hours are due the next day by noon.
Friday - I announce in the morning meeting that I need their mileage and hours NOW or within the next few hours.
Friday at noon - I start texting and calling people who haven't turned in their mileage and hours.
Friday afternoon - I work all afternoon on timesheet and complain about those people who struggle to get their mileage and hours in to me on time. When I am done with all 95 of them, I print them off and prepare for "Timesheet/Disco Saturday".
"Timesheet/Disco Saturday" - This is the craziest day of the week for me. I have to run around the morning meeting passing out timesheets for the Inspectors to sign. I then have to collect them, make sure they are all there, get the Chief to sign them all, then check again to make sure they are all there, make any necessary changes, and then scan and send them to corporate and Enbridge. 

In order to keep my mood up while dealing with the crabby-patty Inspectors, I wear my "Disco Pants" (I get compliments and some good laughs about them) and usually end up listening to 70s music on Pandora. 

This is me in the "Printer Room" scanning in the timesheets. 

I obviously don't take many "selfies"...

There we go! That's me at work in my vest (must be worn 24/7) and my "Disco Pants"! Happy "Timesheet/Disco Saturday" everyone!

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Emily and Kenny said...

I'm a big fan of the disco pants! They would brighten my day too!You're life is so crazy lately, but you handle it like a rockstar. You look gorgeous in your selfies too... Haha, you take them like a pro! Miss you!