Monday, November 10, 2014


One of my best friends, Emily, lives just outside Vegas with her amazing husband, Kenny.

On of my other best friends, Katey, lives in Arizona with her husband, Paul, and their cute kid.

Right now both Katey and Emily are pregnant! AT THE SAME TIME! How fun is that?! I am so excited for both of them!

A few months ago I got a call from Katey who told me that she was going to be in the Vegas area in October visiting family and that I needed to come out so we can throw Emily a baby shower and we can all hang out! 

I decided to take a long weekend off of work, fly out to Vegas, stay at the Bellagio (it was kinda a mini get away for me), rent a car, and hang out with my girls!

I left work Thursday, October 23, after our morning meeting and headed to the airport. Of course, their was an accident on the freeway heading through Chicago so my GPS rerouted me... rerouted me THROUGH downtown Chicago! It was fun to see some more of the city but I was a little worried that my GPS was acting up a bit. 

[Downtown Chicago]

After that adventure I arrived at the airport, caught my flight to Vegas, arrived safely, got my rental car, and headed to In-n-Out for dinner! 

[My sweet ride for the weekend]

Yes, I am a true California girl! I love my In-n-Out. 

[Hamburger, add pickles, no onions, fry well, and a chocolate shake!]

After dinner I headed to the Bellagio, checked in, got cleaned up, and went to see O!

I have been wanting to see O for a LONG time and I finally got my chance!

The show was super cool and I'm glad I got to go. I do have to say that my favorite Cirque du Soleil show so far has been Ka. But O was great too!

The next day, October 24, I went and met Katey and her first born at Emily's house. We decided to do a little shopping for Emily before we had to pick her up from work. We went to Babies R Us and I got her a lot of things that were on her Wishlist (don't ask me what exactly... all this baby stuff confuses me). Then we went to Target to get a few things for her shower. While we were driving, the baby attempted to eat a few M&Ms and then fell asleep so Katey ran into the store and left me in the car to babysit. 

Next, we headed over to Emily's work to pick her up. It was a glorious reunion!

We then had lunch at Zupas (a place we LOVED to eat at in college) and then went back to Emily's where we just hung out and caught up.

Saturday, October 25, was Emily's babyshower. We didn't do anything too fancy. We just had a nice lunch with a few of Emily's friends at the Cheesecake Factory. Can't go wrong there! She got a lot of great stuff and we are all so happy for her!
[Delicious cheesecake]

After the shower we did a little shopping and then dropped of the baby with Katey's in-laws so we could have a girls-night-out! We first went and got pedicures and then headed to the Vegas Strip! We went to Margaritaville to get some nachos and margaritas (of course they were virgin margaritas for my girls). After dinner we went to the Bellagio Fountains, which we love, and watched a couple of shows.

[Getting pedicures]

[Best nachos EVER]

The next day we just hung out and spent some good ole quality time together. I'm sad I couldn't stay longer but I had to get back to work. I know it was a quick trip but seeing my girls was well worth it! They are so amazing and I am so happy for the both of them!

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Tiersha Whitmore said...

What a fun little trip!! All that food makes me miss the West haha. Don't you just love Zupas?? It's one of our favs.