Monday, March 16, 2015

Work Update - IL & IN

Josh got laid off the project at the end of last year due to the limited amount of construction going on on our project in Indiana. We knew construction would start up again in the Spring, but it's a waiting game. We have to wait for the snow to melt, the ground to dry up, and then for the Contractor to show up. And that can take a while! So, this pretty much left us with two options: (1) Josh stays unemployed while he waits for the job in Indiana to start back up or (2) he goes and finds work somewhere else.

We decided to send out Josh's resume just to "see what's out there" and within 24 hours he had a job offer as a Coating Inspector. He's in high demand! :-)

The job is in Illinois, which is only 1.5 hours (without traffic) from where I am working in Indiana. We talked about it and decided that he should take the job in IL and I will stay here and finish up this job. 

Both of our jobs should be done by the Fall which will be awesome for us since we have been planning on going on a big trip/honeymoon when I was done with this job. Fingers crossed!

On Saturday, we moved Josh and some of his things to a small apartment in IL. Little did I know when I was doing my hour long spinning class that morning, that I would be hiking up and down three flights of stairs all day long while we moved Josh in! Good times!

[Work in progress]

[Josh building the entertainment set]

After moving we headed to Costco to get some much needed pizza and soft served ice cream. YUM!

[This is my screen shot of my Fitbit activity for the day - 48 floors!]

Sunday morning we headed out to explore the area. We found this cute breakfast place which had delicious food! We then went over to the Outlets and did some shopping :-)

At about 1:00 PM I decided to head home so I could make it to the gym in time for my spinning class. 1.5 hours and $6.00 later (gotta love toll roads) I made it home. When I went to open the door to the Raptor I discovered that I had something that did not belong to me, Josh's keys! I checked my purse and it turns out I had my keys too! UGH! I called Josh and told him I would see him in 90 minutes. So what was supposed to be a 1.5 hour/$6.00 drive turned into a 4.5 hour/$18.00 drive. I will be double and tipple checking to make sure I don't ever leave there again with his keys! BAH!

 I know that it's not going to be easy to be separated, but it's only temporary and we will see each other every weekend. 

I miss him already!

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Brendon said...

How frustrating!!! I would be annoyed with a 15 minute drive turning into 45 minutes.

Being separated is so hard. Glad you have an end in sight. Good luck!