Friday, April 3, 2015

South America vs. Australia

Josh and I want to go on an awesome-legendary-honeymoonish-trip once we are done with the job I am currently on. It's been so long since I've gone on a huge trip and I have the travel bug big time! We are thinking that we will be done with our projects by the end of the summer and if that happens then we have two options:

(1) South American Cruise with Land Adventure in Brazil

This 32-day "Inca Discovery and South America" cruise (leaving October 7) would have us sailing from San Diego and ending in Bueno Aires. Highlights would include Machu Picchu, the Chilean Fjords, Cape Horn, and the Falkland Islands. After the cruise we would like to fly up to Rio de Janeiro and explore that area for a week or so.

(2) Australia Land Adventure and New Zealand and Fiji Cruise

This 25-day "Pacific and New Zealand Discovery Collector" cruise (leaving November 22) would have us sailing from Sydney, around New Zealand, back to Sydney, and then around Fiji. Highlights include Fiordland National Park, Christchurch, and the Fijian islands. After the cruise we are planning on spending two weeks around Australia. We would fly up to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef, Fly to Uluru to see Ayers Rock in the Outback, and spend a few days exploring the Sydney area.


Can you see my dilemma?! Both of these trips would be AMAZING! I want to see Machu Picchu SO BADLY but more then I want to see the place where LORD OF THE RINGS was filmed?! What about the Sydney Opera House? Or the Blue Mountains? Or FIJI?! But what about Mexico and Guatemala (MESOAMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES) and the PENGUINS?! BAHH!

I obviously can't decide. I'm torn. Completely torn! I guess we will have to let fate decide. If we are both done with our projects by the beginning of October then it will be Option 1 but if we don't finish until November then it'll be Option 2. That sounds simple enough ;-) 

Either way, I am very excited to go with Josh on his first cruise and out of country experience (Canada doesn't really count, right?)!

So, if you had the choice, where would you go?


I'm Melissa... said...

I'd do Australia now and South America for your 5 year anniversary...or your 2nd or 3rd year anniversary if you just can't wait ;)

Jamie said...

Well, of course I would go to Peru right now. :)

Cheryl said...

I'd pick Australia! And how exciting!!

S Mad said...

I think I would do the Australian one myself, but Machu Pichu would be a big pull for the other.

emilie s. d. p. said...

I think I would try to do Australia first, just because it's a bigger trip in distance & flight travel. For some reason since S. America is closer it seems like it would be easier to fit in down the road. Whereas you might never have the time to go all the way to Australia again.

Both sound amazing though & I'd happily go on either one. Letting fate decide sounds like a perfect solution to your dilemma.

Leslie Elaine said...

Ahh! That is a tough decision. First reading it I was all for Brazil but Evan said he would go to Australia but overall I agree with Emilie's comment about doing Australia first just because it is farther distance. You'll have an amazing time no matter what! Can't wait to see your pictures wherever you decide to go :)