Saturday, April 11, 2015

Great Plains Tornadoes in Illinois

Work was called off yesterday for both Josh and I because we had bad weather and there was a high chance for tornado's.

Indiana ended up with some rain, thunder storms, lightning, and strong wind.

Illinois, where Josh is, was hit pretty hard by some huge tornado's and Josh was in their path!

I was aware of the warnings but it wasn't until my TV shows got interrupted that I realized how serious the situation was.

I called Josh, since I knew he didn't have TV, and kept him on the phone while I described what I saw on the News. Most of the storms were in the north but there was a system forming southwest of Josh.

[The southern red area is just outside Ottawa and Aurora is northeast of there]

The News predicted that the super cell/tornado/storm would hit Aurora at 8:55 PM. I relayed this information to Josh and he told me that he was going to go outside and watch it roll in. Ugh. Boys!

Of course these storms are unpredictable and luckily this storm decided to head more east-northeast then the original northeastern path and it barely missed Josh! Phew!

The northern storms ended up being so much worse then they had predicted. Three towns were leveled by a series of large tornado's. The largest one was an EF4 and at least two people were killed. Thanks to modern technology most people were able to get into their basements but now there is a lot of clean up to do.

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S Mad said...

I'm glad that you are both okay.