Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mice and Work and Grandma

We have mice. It's a common issue with trailers. They climb in through the black tank and then they find their way into your beautiful trailer!

We have been able to block off most of their entrances with steel wool but one area was really hard to get to. There is a hole at the very back of a narrow strip which is in a cupboard under the oven. The mice love to come in this way! The only problem is that once they are in the cupboard there is no where else to go. They can climb onto the stove but their journey stops there. They can't get to any food but they keep coming! 

Over the past few months I've probably caught 15 mice. The only thing that works is peanut butter and an old fashion mouse trap. They are gross but that is seriously all that works!

A few nights ago I woke up when I heard the trap snap. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but I kept hearing this strange noise. I didn't want to get out of bed to investigate so I turned my fan on higher and fell asleep. The next morning I got up to find this:

Yes, that is a mouse. The trap got him by the foot and he was trying to escape down the narrow strip but the trap was stopping him. UGH! I was so mad! I hate taking the dead mice out of the trap and now I have to deal with a live one?! 

I put a sticky trap (see in picture) along with another snap trap in the cupboard and went to work. I was hoping he would smell the peanut butter, turn around, and get in one of the other traps. 

No such luck. I got home from work, put on work gloves (I didn't want him to bite me!), and then reached into the cupboard and grabbed the trap.

I'll spare you the details but he is no longer with us. 

After cleaning up the mess he left (he started chewing on the wooden cupboard), I was able to find a ton of steel wool so I shoved that into the back of the cupboard. I guess we will see if it works!


 My boss called a meeting the other day at 6:20 AM and he wanted there to be coffee and treats for everyone. These guys are so high maintenance some times. I usually go to Panera to get the treats (bagels, pastries, etc.) and while I am there I will get the coffee. Bad idea. They guys don't like Panera coffee, they only like Starbucks. Also my boss doesn't like pastries (so he says even though I've seen him eat them plenty of times) so he likes me to go to a local bakery and get him doughnuts. Ugh. So at 5:15 AM I was at the bakery getting doughnuts, then if was off to Starbucks to get the coffee, and then off to Panera to get the bagels. I made it in time for the meeting too! 

Pipeliners!! *shakes fist*

Speaking of Pipeliners, it's been REALLY warm around here. We've been in the high 90's with a heat index over 110! Insanity! I feel bad for the guys in the field sometimes. 

But here is Josh, keeping it cool with his insane beard.


I use so much that I have reminders sent to me so I don't forget to send people flowers. I just got one the other day for my recently deceased Grandmother. She would have been 93.

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Jamie said...

Ewww, gross! You are one brave woman. I guess you gotta' do what you've gotta' do. Also, I think it's so sweet that you send so many flowers. Love you!